Car2go o Enjoy? La Rete non ha dubbi

Great numbers for car sharing in Italy. Car2go and Enjoy, the industry’s two major names, have already both surpassed a million services in just over a year, and other competitors such as Volkswagen’s Twist are launching features that deem to be a revolution in urban mobility.

The result of the analysis conducted over the last 3 months on online conversations from the two main competitors is particular: Car2go achieves great results, becoming a symbol of the revolution; while Enjoy can’t seem to get WOM running across its users. The Mercedes carsharing service has managed to capture the attention of many user, who not only like the idea of ​​having a small Smart car available at all hours, but they take advantage of the group’s reputation, feeling fully involved in the Car2go world.

Even if Enjoy is an integral part of this urban mobility revolution, it receives less attention on the web, perhaps it’s because it came after Car2go’s service or perhaps because of a low online presence. The Fiat 500 ENI plates capture the attention and a good rep on news sites and headlines, but can not actively engage users to create a positive buzz for the Enjoy brand.


volumi car2go enjoy

Car2go and Enjoy content volumes


Car2Go is stable on Twitter

The data shows how Car2go’sengagement for quotes in posts, tweets and articles are considerably higher (more than twice) as Enjoy’s. The reason is obvious. Looking at the distribution of volumes on networks, we notice how content on Twitter is creating this clear difference. Twitter reveals user’s preference to comment about their driving experience, customer care, and to raise awareness about the world of car sharing. In addition, thanks to the already established international experience, Car2go understands the importance of image and engagement, showcasing the brand through an individual account (in Italy, @Car2goItalia).

Enjoy doesn’t have an online communication strategy and has not been able to involve its customers in what, in addition to being a revolution, is becoming a shared urban community lifestyle.

Online sentiment. Promoting Car2go, Perplexity for Enjoy

The analysis of sentiment highlights some interesting evidence. The positive side  is not specifically addressed to a single brand, instead it talks about the new “more economical and sustainable” urban mobility system; the negative feedback rate is indisputably tied to the specifical characteristics of the two competitors. The mount of negative judgments is not significant for both brands; even if for Enjoy some aspects of the service still seem to need improvement


Enjoy’s Sentiment


CAR2GO Or Enjoy? no doubts for online users

Negative aspects refer specifically to technical issues encountered by users who are in the process of booking the service, a process that deems to be too long and complicated. Negative points refer to comments in which, when comparing the two services, talk about the larger territorial reach of Car2go.

Regarding Car2go, the level of negative feedback is very low and mainly related to technical navigation problems. Positive reviews, slightly higher for Enjoy, do not refer to better rental conditions or car characteristics, but they are a product of this brand becoming the symbol of the four wheel revolution.

It is halfway between enthusiasm and satisfaction that many users comment on openings of new rental spaces in Florence or Milan Linate, or send messages referring to the first anniversary of Car2go in Italy.

Sentiment Car2go

Car2go’s Sentiment

The future of Car Sharing

Even as Enjoy has a good level of positivity (the service is as good as the small white and blue Smart) it seems clear from this analysis how, on the internet, Car2go has been able to form a loyal community of Brand ambassadors.

Even if this may not have a direct effect on the amount of rentals, which are actually very similar, user’s WOM and the ability to form this community become a major asset in the imminent challenge of new car sharing operators appearing on the Italian scene.

Enjoy, on the other hand, has all its cards in place to fidelize their current users, who already rent the 500 red cars and show their own driving experiences online. However, the difficult part is to create that extra value, that sense of closeness between users and the brands that only a winning communication strategy can guarantee.

Stefano Bandera

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