Renewable Energy In Italy: Who Are The Online Influencers?

Around these days, COP 21, the International Forum on Climate Change is held in Paris. The 40,000 delegates from 190 countries around the world seek solutions to an urgent issue that determines our future. Even with group interests at stake and different positions in mind, there is a general recognition of the key role of renewable energies in containing global warming and avoiding the worst scenarios.

If Barack Obama and the Breakthrough Energy Coalition – a group of investors headed by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg – aim to support renewable energy research with billion dollars worth of funds, France promises to invest – by 2020 – two billion dollars in the development of alternative energy in Africa, and launch an international project to make solar space reachable with India.

Come reagisce la Rete? In Italia il dibattito è acceso: al di qua come al di là delle Alpi il nesso clima – rinnovabili è forte. In the previous posts, we have analyzed the Green Power theme and sentiment trends in our country, and now we are investigating who the influencers of the Italian web are in the field of clean energy. Who is talking about it with the broader online impact and what is the response of the digital audience?

There are 550 Renewable energy influencers in Italy, and they use Facebook

The users or profiles with more impact on renewable energy conversation in our country are about 500 and mostly act on their Facebook accounts. The first to make more audiences and engage in comments, likes, retweets and shares are politicians or activist movements, such as those in the M5S (including Luigi Di Maio, Vice-President of the House of Representatives, and Beppe Grillo, in support of renewables as revival for the country, employment and the future of the planet), Matteo Renzi (with statements on its social profile on energy efficiency, green economy, research and renewable energy plants Enel in Latin America), Verdi Liguri, Greenpeace, WWF, Environment (on the promotion of alternative resources for the protection of resources and of the Earth). Following, we find articles and opinion leaders among which emerge La Repubblica, Il Corriere della Sera, Free Information, Report, Internazionale, Il Fatto Quotidiano, National Geographic , La Stampa, Tgcom who report new projects, research or results in the industry, follow major renewable events (such as initiatives within Exp Or international forums such as COP 21). Vittorio Sgarbi, who on his Facebook account reaffirms his position (he has opposed the windmills for years: he thinks they damage the landscape.)

The Top 10 influencer in Italy (analysis period February – November 2015)

top 10

Even if they create less interactions than media players or big headlines, other  influences on green power are also blogs and industry groups that produce high volumes of posts and articles on the subject, not only by talking about the impact on the climate and the future of the planet, but also providing detail updates on new discoveries or solutions, new plants or positive results obtained in the world, the state of the art of renewable energy in Italy, and comparison with foreign countries. Among the main sites and Facebook groups we are pointing to: Greenstyle, Green me, Tutto green, EticaMente, Eco Creando – Terra in armonia, Green Power Monitor,  Azione Energia Solare,, Green Energy Journal, Attacco solare.

 How does the Internet respond?

Active people on the issue of clean energy are primarily men between the ages of 35 and 44 who interact especially when discussing renewable energies and safeguarding water resources, green energy, sustainable agriculture, sustainability (ie home remedies like urban gardens, small purifiers, mini solar systems with used cans, etc.), or when commenting on Expo (such as the Enea vertical farm) or COP 21 (such as the abandonment of coal for 100% clean energy).
The presence of women who are more involved in smart grid issues, DIY sustainability, Expo-sponsored initiatives and job opportunities offered by the launch of renewable plants are also good.
Participation between the ages of 18 and 34 is especially about environmental sustainability, energy saving, bio-building and new job opportunities.

 Distribution of the audience (analysis period February – November 2015)


The absent ones

The influencer list is lacking the presence of producers and managers of alternative energy sources that operate in the territory. If they were to strengthen their digital communication, presiding over the major exchanges and entering the ongoing debate, they could become very important figures giving balance in discussions about the future of green power in Italy.

Elena Dalla Massara

Analista e digital strategist specializzata in cultura, comunicazione istituzionale e intercultura. Laureata in Filosofia teoretica, come giornalista pubblicista ha realizzato alcune inchieste in Albania, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Sudan e Mongolia. In Cultur-e dal 2001, oggi coordina il team interno di Social Intelligence e realizza web reputation analysis e strategie di intervento per enti, imprese e top manager. Lingue: italiano, inglese e francese.


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