2017 – Enel Energia Website
Content strategy, daily management that includes creation and publishing of SEO content, including english language and multimedia material (text, video and images), infographics design and landing pages with the aim of enhancing Enel Energia’s commercial services awareness in Italy, analyzing and monitoring KPIs related to published content.

2014 – SEO Content
Production of SEO content surrounding Enel services.

2010/2011 – Info nuclear Portal and online PR 
Editorial and graphic design, development, and content creation for a website dedicated to nuclear energy issues and reasons to support its return to Italy. Online PR and pro-nuclear blog, with content management.

2006 / 2010 –  Enel Insieme House Organ
Editorial production of the House Organ Enel Insieme in Italian and other language versions, for a total of 36 issues with their respective online version.

2001/2011 – Enel Holding Website
Concept, creation and editorial management of Enel Holding’s website, related mini sites and blogs. Creation and management of vertical channels, homepages update, and content creation. Management of services for the community and useful services. Throughout the years, there were many contents created around different subjects (corporate, business, news, culture, scientific, marketing and services), and 40 multimedia specials were created per year around Enel’s sponsored events: transfers, interviews, articles and photo services, and publishing.

2001/2010 – Community and Social Channels
Concept, creation, and activation of Enel’s first virtual community from 2001. From 2004, creation and management of PR online campaigns. From 2007, creation and activation of Enel’s social media channels (Facebook, Youtube) with online promotion, networking, and consensus building actions, also surrounding core business issues.

2001/2010 – Group companies’ Websites
Creation and daily editorial management of Enel Group (Enel Energia, Enel Sole, Enel Produzione, Enel Distribuzione, Enel.Si, Elettroambiente) websites, creating the editorial project, content publishing, and updating news, focus, dossier and newsletters.

2001/2010 – Intranet Enel Holding
Editorial management of Enel Holding’s Intranet, creating over 100 dossiers and hundreds of articles regarding the life inside the company, development prospects, e-business, new technologies and online trending topics.

2001/2004 – Edutainment initiatives
Edutainment initiative design for Gruppo Enel, ideation and production of didactic media paths, photo realization and editorial content creation, development coordination.

2001/2003 – City Guides
Design and production of websites directories for 13 cities in Italy. Graphic design and production, coordination and digital guide activation, including local and virtual communities. Planning and implementation of the editorial and communication plan.