Low Cost Online Companies – Ryan Air: The Most Talked About On Social Media

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Cheap flights are part of our daily life. Before, traveling by plane was a luxury that only businessmen and celebs could afford, today, spending a weekend in Berlin, London or Marrakech has become a habit if you surf the web.

It is vital for low cost airlines to know their users’ dreams and needs as well as to overcome criticism for services provided by large multinational groups.

By conducting on online analysis of three brands over the past two months, the result is undeniable: Ryan Air is the most visited company on the web, and the most contacted by users. Easyjet does not have the same content level or catalyzes the attention of online media, despite being in Italy for the same years as the Irish company. Wizz Air, the most recent one, has lower volumes of interaction showing how its business is directed to a travelers niche -those heading to Eastern Europe.


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Content runs on Twitter

Twitter is the right place to find influencers and online headlines that publish daily on the three considered companies. This is evident for Ryan Air, who finds in Twitter an environment where brand content is mixed with comments and user reviews about the latest offers, new routes, or travel conditions.

Easyjet also has a good presence on Twitter and Facebook, the latter being the  favorite place for users to comment on and exchange opinions about travel and offers.

The data shows, however, that Wizz Air has a limited presence in social channels, and that appears predominantly on traditional channels such as news blogs and news sites, showing it’s a brand that still struggles to become familiar with travelers and influencers.


Distribuzione su facebook e Twitter

Network Sentiment – Organizations, Rates and Travel Packages Key Points

From the sentiment analysis, none of the three low-cost companies have serious reputational problems. Positive or negative comments revolve around services and deals.

Wizz Air is a pleasant surprise with regard to the level of on-board services and the general organization, the positives for Ryan Air and Easyjet are linked to flight-hotel packages and deals on new air routes.

The negative part concerns only the last two companies, that generate more comments, thus being more exposed to criticism. Criticisms appears more structured for Ryan Air, and in addition to the on-board services, articles include highlights of the excessive monopoly position on the market, for Easyjet the negativity is linked to higher fares, rising in the last year.


sentiment analysis Wizz Air Ryan Air e Easyjet


Cheap flights are reference points


Low cost airlines, market liberalizations and new business models that find internet as the main source of revenue have begun a real revolution. Checking the web portals of Ryan Air, Easyjet and more recently Wizz Air has become one of the favorite pastimes for users who, choosing between a Mediterranean destination or a Stockholm flight, want to escape from routine and let their imagination lose.

Online users look for the best deals, share their travel experiences, and weigh on the company’s need and strategic information.

An extra opportunity to increase visibility and improve the reputation and quality of the offered services.



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