Current CSR landscape in Italy: the exhibition and the most sustainable companies

Now more than ever, Italian companies are investing in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, ie. social, cultural, humanitarian, environmental and improvement of internal working conditions.

The VII Survey Report on Corporate social commitment in Italy by the Osservatorio Socialis has shown significant numbers directly linked to the value that companies gave to CSR in 2015. To understand how this issue is taking form in 2017, we wanted to analyze the performance of online conversations in Italy during the first six months of the year.

The first semester proved to be particularly positive for content production, because of the multiple events related to the subject that took place during this period of time. In May, a large number of posts were published because of the CSR and Social Enterprise Innovation Exhibition (Salone della CSR e della innovazione sociale di impresa), considered the most important Italian event around the subject of business sustainability.

Post Performance from January to June 2017

The Salone itself was held in October at the University of Milan through the “Giro d’italia della CSR” project, involving other 8 Italian cities all throughout 2017, and on a mission to discover sustainable businesses and innovative projects.

The stages that generated greater online interest were those held in the month of May in Rome, Genoa, and Bologna.

Among the most shared posts within this context was a photo published on Instagram by LUMSA University, and the Futur-e project video, presented by Enel during the Bologna stage.

Analyzing the whole semester, the leading actor in corporate responsibility conversations was FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano, that ranked first among the online influencers related to this topic over the analyzed time period.

Conversation Influencers from January to June 2017

With an ad-hoc post, FAI celebrated the collaboration with Ferrarelle, a shared path undertaken by the Communications Manager and CSR to apply the principles of sustainability to all aspects of corporate life while at the same time inviting other companies to develop an environmentally-friendly business.

Among the top 10 influencers, we also found Leroy Merlin, with relevant activity on Twitter dedicated entirely to CSR and sustainability. The @CSR_LeroyMerlin account posts content that invites customers to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle and highlights the activities started by the gardening and do-it-yourself company.

The third company to appear in the ranking is Nexive. The Italian private postal operator developed a sustainable production process and constantly talks about it on its Facebook page, demonstrating its ability to highlight positive attributes by measuring and communicating its results.

The Osservatorio Socialis Report highlights how 80% of Italian companies with more than 80/100 employees declare they are committed to CSR initiatives for a global investment, that from 2001 to 2015, has reached the record of €1.1 billion.

One thing that can’t be overlooked in addition to our analysis of online conversations: developing a business policy that can reconcile profit with social and environmental goals should be considered an essential strategic goal for Italian and international companies

Valentina Tonutti

Analyst specialized in culture and politics. With classical high school instruction, post-secondary studies in International and Diplomatic Sciences, she’s worked as a consultant in Media and Communications for companies, institutions, and Italian politicians. Now she’s a web reputation manager and data analyst for Cultur-e, overseeing social media analysis services on political figures and news. Languages: Italian, English, German, French.