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Ferrovie dello Stato

From 2005 to 2010, Ferrovie dello Stato, the Italian National Train Company, invested in renovating its on-line presence and improving the integration of its companies. The project started with the Group intranet and was then extended to the Internet portals and social content. The objective was to create a group network based on communications, knowledge management and the involvement of users (employees and clients). Cultur-e received a series of assignments concerning project management, editorial consulting and the development of graphics and content.


Keeping 100,000 Employees in Touch and Harmonizing the Group’s On-line Profile

In 2005, Ferrovie dello Stato decided to invest on a synergic and coordinated digital communication model for all of the group’s companies to connect its 100,000 employees, optimize working procedures and harmonise their on-line profile. The objective was not only to renew the group’s tools and look&feel, but also its infrastructure, internal organization and corporate culture, which was fragmented into many different independent projects. The strategy was to develop a process in phases, involving departments and managers, in order to have internal sponsors supporting the changes requested by top management.

Design, Development and Content for the Intranet and Internet Portals and Social Channels

2005 – Design of the intranet for the Group Coordinator, management of the institutional communications Area and production of interviews, features, news and events; creating professional communities.

2006 – 2007 – Harmonising the Group intranets into an integrated portal, design and development of an infomobility channel, production of radio news on train circulation.

2007 – 2008 – Restyling, harmonising the graphic appearance and navigation of the Group Internet sites into a single integrated portal.

2010 – for the inauguration of the Ferrovie dello Stato YouTube Channel, we designed and developed “Social Train,” a series of ironic interviews with train passengers on anecdotes related to their journeys.

A Winning Model, Replicated Over the Years

The integrated digital communications model proposed by Cultur-e received wide consensus from the Group and was used as the basis for subsequent restyling operations.