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Fondazione Perugia

In May 2022 we launched a new project with the Fondazione Perugia, a non-profit organization of banking origin that operates in 39 municipalities with projects in favour of territorial and community development.

The new visual identity curated by Inarea results from a digital strategy designed by Cultur-e. The goal of overcoming the link with Cassa di Risparmio and strengthening that with the territory, drives a new digital communication that includes: a new website, enhanced social profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and a new Linkedin page.


Changing identity to strengthen the link with the territory and the community

Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia was officially founded as a Foundation in 1992 when, in implementation of the Amato Law, it became necessary to transfer the philanthropic activity of Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia to the Foundation. Today it is a non-profit organization and carries out its institutional activity by financing initiatives and projects supporting the development of the territory and the community, in various areas, such as art, culture, research, health, welfare and training.
The “Fondazione Perugia” brand expresses the goal of communicating the renewed identity of the Foundation: from a disbursement tool to a subject active on the project plan; from expression of the banking world to an actor capable of interpreting the territory and mobilizing ideas and energies. Digital communication therefore becomes an editorial strategy designed to bring the Foundation closer to the community: capable of involving users with the story of local excellence, involving them with useful information on tender notices and initiatives and encouraging networking with the associations and institutions that are the protagonists of specific projects and activities.

Social strategy to intercept the target audience and a new website

The social media strategy includes editorial planning, the management of channels and that of the ADV budget for the related campaigns to support the new brand identity and the Foundation’s activities. The new website, currently under construction, was designed to foster positive information able to enhance the Foundation, focusing on a strong, recognizable visual identity that characterizes the brand’s identity, through an architecture of information and navigation flows for specific targets and themes.

May 2022 – Social media are boosted for every channel. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) with content in line with the interests of the identified targets. This is followed by the new Linkedin page which aims to become the channel dedicated to activities of networking with the institutions and the stakeholders of the various areas of intervention of the Foundation: from health to culture, from training to innovation. The new website, currently being developed, will be a reference point for the territory and for those interested in discovering tender notices and requesting contributions. All is consistent with the new language developed by Inarea: a brand that enhances the griffin, symbol of Perugia, through an essential and elegant reinterpretation that restores the contemporary to the classic representation of the city’s coat of arms.

A new digital communication to enhance the Foundation’s activities and for an effective dialogue with all interlocutors

A new digital presence: a new website and new social columns to describe the foundation’s activity with useful information and to entertain not only a specific target, but also a wider audience attentive to what is happening in its territory. The effort, in both digital dimensions, website and social, is threefold: providing tools for those looking for tender notices, methods of contributions and funding; describing the several activities and the commitment of the Foundation in areas that are also very different from each other, ranging from cultural events to scientific research; developing interest in a territory rich in culture and traditions, but at the same time driven by a spirit of initiative and innovative drives.


A new digital strategy for the new Fondazione Perugia

On 30th May, Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia Foundation celebrated its 30th anniversary: it was an opportunity to give a sign of change: with a new visual identity curated...

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