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Glaxo Smithkline

The pharmaceutical company needed to officially promote legal information about its products on-line. In 2010, it selected Cultur-e to design, develop and implement an on-line PR plan.


Correct Information On-line

GSK (Glaxo Smithkline) often introduces new products or editions to the market and is continuously conducting and renewing its lab, marketing and communications activities. Nonetheless, people do not always hear about this news, or it may arrive in a distorted form. Often, word of mouth is imprecise and liable to pick up personal biases due to negative reactions or doubts, changing the true reality of facts. This calls for a support to traditional company communications to promote scientifically founded and medically approved information on-line, providing clarity through reliable and safe tools.

Online PR

In 2010, after a development campaign that selected a virtual territory, defined issues and produced contents (press releases, interviews, special reports, etc.), the GSK campaign started with press agencies, informational sites, associations and institutions, as well as blogs and communities, and social media channels related to health and wellbeing.