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Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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Lazio Creativo

In 2007, the IT Department of the Regione Lazione (LAIT) selected Cultur-e to design a new consumer portal and promote it on-line. In 2015, Cultur-e collaborated again on the development new Lazio Creativo portal for which it managed social strategy, editorial planning and the production of over 400 SEO-optimised articles on art and design.


Promote Consumer Services and Creativity in Lazio

Allowing informed purchases by providing local information, reports, useful services and areas for edutainment and interaction were amongst the objectives outlined by the Regione Lazio, in 2007, for a local information and service portal for consumer safeguard. Eight years later, in 2015, the Regional Institution aimed to promote local talent through a portal dedicated to young men and women and creative local enterprises.

Editorial Planning, Content Management, On-line PR

2007 – Editorial planning for the consumer portal and follow-up with on-line PR.

2015-16 – Editorial support for the Lazio Creativo portal with the production of editorial and governance guidelines for the site and social media channels, communication supervision during the website development, production and management of video and content after publishing, and coverage of the portal presentation event at Romics 2016.

Integrated Editorial Desk with the Client to Optimise Internal Processes and Develop Quality Content

Cultur-e integrated with the Regional work group introducing an innovative work methodology that was met with great satisfaction by the personnel and management at the Regione Lazio. Moreover, the high-quality content produced was appreciated both by the Regione Lazio and the public, contributing to the success of the two Internet portals.