Cultur-e joins the Arsenalia Group. A constantly evolving ecosystem of skills

Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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MEG produces low and medium-voltage electric systems for civil and industrial buildings. Over the course of the years, the company has extended its services and is now accredited in the energy sector for the City and Province of Rome, also thanks to its collaboration with ENEL. In 2013, MEG selected Cultur-e to develop its new on-line communications strategy and restyle the Internet portal and web-based applications.


Energetic Efficiency Flourishes if Managed On-line

The restyling of the portal was carried out urgently to renovate the company’s on-line presence and rapidly provide personnel with the tools necessary to manage its (current and prospective) clients, service delivery and warehouse supplies. Moreover, another objective was to consolidate MEG’s market position by promoting its services, communicating its reliability and advantages and projecting the company as an authoritative reference point for renewable energy and energy systems.

Design and Development of the Internet Portal and Web-based Applications

2013 – Editorial and graphic design and development for the new Internet portal, development coordination, production of corporate content, on-line PR, ADwords Campaign, production and publication of content, design and development of CRM initiatives.

A Competitive Company even with On-line Communication

Impactful graphics, simple and rigorous text and interactive CRM tools make the new MEG Portal a high added-value service that stands out amongst the competition and provides authority to the brand in the renewable energy sector.


Meg makes energy efficiency a reality

The portal’s restyling comes from the need of a new and improved online presence for the company; and to make employees life easier by managing current and future...

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