Cultur-e joins the Arsenalia Group. A constantly evolving ecosystem of skills

Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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In 2005, Cultur-e invested in an internal project, designing and developing My Open City, the first Italian social network based on geo-localised content. The network allows residents to navigate a map of their city, neighbourhood or road and learn about opinions, events and people.


Applying Our Experience to Experiment New Trends

In the period that witnessed the birth of social networks, geo-localization and user-generated content Cultur-e decided to experiment with new trends and apply its competences to create a sort of “instant emotional blogging” experience in which users could share moods and associate them with an emoticon and a street address. Moreover, users could tag events, activities, places of interests, experiences, useful ideas and add their own preferences (“a reason to meet me”, “a reason to avoid me”, “a must song”, etc.). In this way, users could easily learn what a city had to offer through a social network. 

A Collaborative Platform of User-generated Content

2005/2008 – Design, development and management of a collaborative platform

MOC Becomes the Fastweb Social Network

The innovative nature of the project caught the interest of Fastweb that turned “My Open City” into its community and social network from 2006 to 2008.