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Musei del Friuli

The Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities is investing in an important digitalization process of works and historical-artistic archives in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Thanks to funds from the EU Framework Programme 2000-2006, the Mecenate 90 Association appointed Cultur-e to create a database and web channel providing all information concerning the characteristics, location and services provided by museums in the region.


Organising a Visit to the Museums in Friuli Venezia Giulia On-line

Organising a culture itinerary in Friuli Venezia Giulia is easier with an on-line database and a website of all the regional museums. This allows citizens and tourists to consult information on the museums’ characteristics and services, identify the locations of museums and historical and artistic heritage on interactive maps, receive suggestions and initial information and photos of the exhibited works.

Design and Development of a Database and Internet Portal

2005/2006 – Editorial and Graphic development of the Portal, platform, database and apps, as well as development of geo-oriented content, publishing and testing. Support for the organisation and development of museum profiles and their works, including a translation in English.

Technological Innovation for Art and History

The project kick-off was widely covered by individual citizens and local media who acknowledged how technological innovation can effectively provide a service for historical and artistic heritage, promoting its and providing clear support for visits to the heritage museums and sites.