Cultur-e joins the Arsenalia Group. A constantly evolving ecosystem of skills

Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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Octo Telematics

In 2013, Octo Telematics turned us to reposition itself on digital media through the restyling of its multilingual corporate website and relaunching its social media channels. Our commitment continued with the production of content and management of social media in various languages, advertising campaigns and influencer advocacy strategy in English.


Attracting the Consumer Market

Octo Telematics is the first global provider of telematics solutions and data analysis for automobile insurance.  In 2013, it kicked off a 360-degree rebranding operation, including its website and social media channels. The objective was to develop the story of an efficient brand based on issues of interest and with a new communication tone that would attract not only the B2B market, but the consumer market, too.

Internet Portal, Social Media, Advertising Campaigns

Cultur-e was appointed to restyle the website of the insurance telematics company in Italian and English with a new communication register based on conceptual images and evocative slogans. The content strategy and web and social channel management is based on the analysis of sector influencers and their on-line behaviour. The content was selected to daily involve stakeholders and consumers into cutting-edge technology issues: Big Data, Internet of Things, self-driving cars, applied telematics and innovative technology.

2013 – Design and development of the Internet portal with a communications strategy, editorial project and navigation model, web design and user experience, portal and CMS development, publishing e testing, multilingual content (Italian and English).

2013/2018 – Ongoing editorial management and production of multilingual articles on telematics, technology and innovation (in Italian, English and Spanish). Moreover, we also managed the social presence strategy, the management governance model and policy, created fan page channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn), and conducted engagement activities, daily management, instant CRM, and advertising campaigns.

An Award for the B2B Website Developed as a B2C Portal

In 2014, Octo Telematics won the 15th edition of the Interactive Key Awards as best website in the Web Services Category.


Octo Telematic’s 2018: New content and Influencer strategy

This year Octo Telematics –  leading global provider of telematics and data analytics solutions for the auto insurance industry – chooses Cultur-e once...

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An award for Octo Telematics at the 2014 Interactive Key Award

Octo Telematics takes home the award for Best website in the Services category at the 15th edition of the Interactive Key Award, where it competed with companies such as...

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Octo Telematics upgrades its online presence

Cultur-e is in charge of revamping Insurance Telematics’ site, in italian and english. A new communications register based on large graphics and conceptual images,...

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