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Rome City Council

From 2003 to 2011, the City of Rome invested in consulting activities to develop internet portals, publications and on-line comunication strategies  for major projects, including the new Tiburtina Rail Station and the Second Tourist Hub in Rome, public services and national and European-level urban transformations. Cultur-e was selected to develop the on-line communications plans.


Communicating with Roman, Italian and European Citizens

Projects vary, but the objective doesn’t. The Rome City Council needs to communicate clearly, directly and simply to web users and provide them with information on local, national and European activities and projects. To do so, it opted for high-qualified and specialist consultants to guarantee a service of the highest quality and in line with international on-line communications standards.

Communications Strategy: On-line, Internet Portal and Newsletter

2010/2011 – Second Tourist Hub in Rome – Communications strategy, editorial project, design and user experience, platform and content development, production of multimedia content for the Internet portal of Rome’s Second Tourist Hub.

2005/2006 – New Tiburtina Railway Station – Design, development and management of an Internet website dedicated to the construction of the new train station and relative modifications to the urban and public transport system. Launch and on-line PR activities.

2003/2005 – Grand Travaux – On-line communications consulting for the Rome Public Works Council on European Project Grand Travaux, a consortium of eight European councils funded by the Interreg III C Programme for communications and management of large public works and urban transformations. Analysis of European best practices for on-line local, public communications, consulting to define strategic guidelines for communications to citizens.

2003/2004 – “Venti Pagine” Newsletter – Design and development of the Venti Pagine Newsletter on the quality and control of local public services for the Rome Council with data, analyses, facts and news on public services in Italy and Europe.

A Successful Collaboration throughout the Years

Cultur-e’s experience with public administration services and its ability to integrate into client work groups make collaboration positive both in terms of results and satisfaction. Indeed, Cultur-e collaborated with the Rome Council for seven years.