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Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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Nel 2016 United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC), l’agenzia per la formazione delle Nazioni Unite, decide di operare un restyling del portale internet.
Il progetto da noi realizzato innova radicalmente lo stile rigoroso e poco comunicativo ancora in uso in tutte le agenzie dell’Organizzazione, ottenendo riconoscimenti e consensi.


Renewing the United Nations from a Website

UNSSC is a centre of excellence providing advanced training courses for United Nations agencies. The aim is to contribute to innovating the UN system, introducing streamlined processes, greater coordination and a result-oriented culture that can provide answers to the challenges posed by society.

The website restyling request focused on relaunching the college services and promoting their quality and efficacy, increasing awareness of its educational packages and activating an ongoing relation with course participants.

The new portal will be the first step towards a complete renewal of the UN world, launching a new image and communications model that will attract other agencies.

Development of a Responsive and User-centred Portal

In 2016, Cultur-e designed and followed every aspect of the portal’s development, supporting UNSSC and its managers and officers in the important on-line innovation process. The restyled website presented a web identity in line with the most advanced web standards, including responsive user-centred design, and new, regularly updated, content to promote the diffusion of knowledge and the innovative solutions proposed by the college for peace keeping and sustainable development.

Internal Success and Interactive Key Award

Upon its launch at the end of 2016, the portal was met with vast consensus by the college.
In 2017, it received an award at the 18th edition of the  Interactive Key Awards as best B2B website, standing out for its communicational style and opening the road for the United Nations to interact in a new way with digital media users.


The Interactive Key Award 2017 awards UNSSC

The new UNSSC (United Nations System Staff College) portal was awarded in the 18° edition of the Interactive Key Award as Best website in the business to business...

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The United Nations online image renewal, starting from the UNSSC portal

A new web identity and user experience for the site of UNSSC (United Nations System Staff College), the structure that offers higher education courses and specialized...

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Refreshing the United Nations through UNSSC training and counseling

After winning a bid, Cultur-e won the assignment to develop the new web identity and restyling of the website for UNSSC – United Nations System Staff College -a...

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