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Cultur-e Experience in the Management of Blogs and Corporate Magazines

When we speak about content marketing, we often refer to the promotion of project or company blogs and magazines. A corporate blog or a house organ is a very efficient communication tool to drive activities, services, values and the cultural reference points of a company. However, it is not the only way.

Corporate blogging, just like a corporate magazine, should be employed when it is necessary and coherent with the reference target (corporate and public opinion). Starting a blog or house organ without a clear picture of the objective can prove useless, if not damaging. And in order to command a clear objective and identify an editorial strategy, it is often necessary to turn to consultants, content marketing and corporate communications experts.

Corporate blogs

Essentially, this is a blog produced by a company or organization. Posts are managed as usual and the underlying technology is similar to that of any other blog. The content, however, should be of a markedly higher quality and reflect the corporate proposal and values. A corporate blog may be used to manage customer care or for brand storytelling, to portray a company through the stories of its employees, its shared experiences, its community and its brand values. The objective is to provide content that is both interesting and useful to target users, who are intercepted through their use of on-line search engines (inbound marketing). This is not a proprietary magazine, but a horizontal platform that is moderated, but open to everyone (managers, employees, clients or consumers, influencers, etc.).

Content (whether posts or comments) is generated by exchange, debate and sharing. Clearly, however, the success of a corporate blog cannot simply be determined by writing and publishing. Success requires a strategy, an editorial plan and a graphic project that enunciate the objectives and targets and focus on them during content selection and production. Moreover, a coordinated action strategy must also be extended to social networks, which are not just a tool for sharing and promoting posts, but an integral part of any project. They are synergic communications channels, independent tools that are differentiated on the basis of the reference targets.

An efficient corporate blogger must have a good working knowledge of social networks, as well as being a SEO copywriting expert, who is capable of optimising posts to guarantee visibility and traffic towards the corporate blog.

If managed correctly with high-quality and authoritative content, a company blog can drive brand awareness, curtail and overcome reputational crises through content presenting positive values and that gain user trust, generate leads (contacts with potential clients) and produce engagement, driving conversions towards the use or purchase of your proposal.

Magazines and House Organs

Notwithstanding the many communication tools that organisations may employ, company magazines and corporate house organs are still amongst the strongest tools for corporate presentation. In fact, they contribute to improving the image, brand reputation and brand identity of an organization, as well as increasing the trust of stakeholders and public opinion.

The magazines, which can be either produced in print or digitally, can be distributed for free to employees, external stakeholders (investors, project partners, sponsors, reference institutions, etc.) and to both existing and prospective clients. The objective is to provide information on the organisation, introduce new and consolidated services and products, and promote values and awards, as well as internal competences and know-how. It is an efficient tool to reinforce the corporate culture of employees, stimulating a sense of community and promoting teambuilding, as well as driving commitment and the achievement of objectives. It is a powerful tool with a strong impact on stakeholders and clients as it improves awareness of the brand and drives its prestige and lends attention to the outside world. As always, success requires a sound strategy, editorial plan and graphic project.

Blogs and Magazines at Cultur-e

Since our foundation, we have been guided by the belief that “the web is powered by content” – and Cultur-e. We have been conceiving, designing, developing and managing multimedia content for websites, Internet and intranet portals, social media, and blogs and magazines for organisations and companies since 2001. Whether it’s a house organ or corporate blog, we always begin with an analysis of the client’s needs client’s needs distinctive characteristics, objectives and target.

We define efficient communications, content marketing and SEO copywriting SEO copywriting, based on the needs, habits and expectations of our clients and their reference audiences. Then, we begin to develop editorial plans editorial plans and graphic projects that best suit the project to produce on- and off-line content. Blogs, magazines and house organs are integrated in a synergic cross-channel communication model.

Our objective is to efficiently drive brand awareness, promote activities and values, provide information on the sector, manage any reputational crises and involve and interact with third parties. And it’s all devised to build brand loyalty and generate and convert leads.


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