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Multimedia Content

As Bill Gates famously announced in 1996, “Content is king.” And that is a certainty. Sites, portals, apps and social networks are fuelled by the relentless production of new material. The web is truly infinite and vastly rich. However, the immensity of this digital ocean makes it difficult to emerge and attract the attention of users. It takes time and investment in interesting, useful and attractive content. Content must provide value to viewers, give answers to passions and needs, and draw users in. Multimedia content makes a difference. Videos, photos, audio and infographics provide information in a simple, immediate and powerful manner, enriching the user experience by involving many of their senses. Above all, however, content must be high-quality. It must meet the expectations of the audience and drive brand loyalty.

How to Use Multimedia Content in Content Marketing

Content marketing is an inbound marketing strategy based on content that is used to vehicle users closer to a brand and achieve conversion: from simple users or clients to consumers of a product or service. The use of high-quality content allows companies and organisations to build customer loyalty and attract users back to their channels (purchases, requests, reviews, registration, sign-up for newsletters, etc.). In this context, multimedia content amplifies the results and accelerates the rate of brand engagement and loyalty. And this includes not only videos, animations, infographics and photo galleries, but also podcasts, live steams and webinars, which play a crucial role on the web.

The format is important. However, in order to achieve concrete results, the right type of content must be produced. Users are looking for content that satisfies their needs. Therefore, multimedia content must be inserted into a strategy that is built around the user and governed by an editorial plan that is coherent with the objectives and expectations of the audience. This will lead to concrete results.

Multimedia Content at Cultur-e

Cultur-e was founded in 2001 as a Web Content Provider for agencies and large companies. In this time, we have developed editorial plans, produced and managed multimedia content for websites, Internet and Intranet portals, social media, apps, blogs and house organs. Our team of content producers, SEO strategists, social media managers, video makers, art directors and web designers operate in a synergic and cross-channel mode to create SEO-optimised posts and articles, corporate videos, animations, photo shoots and galleries, podcasts, live streams, animated infographics, even in multilingual formats.

The production of content is always based on a thorough analysis of the client, their characteristic elements, objectives and reference targets. Then, we define the communications and content marketing strategies that best suit the project and identified audience. Our editorial plans guide content editors through the development of individual multimedia content that is then finetuned to present the best language for each user cluster and channel (blog, website, social media, landing page, etc.). Results are continuously monitored in terms of success, involvement and conversion of contacts through traffic data analysis.


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