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Newsletters and E-mail Marketing

Although social media has conquered a large part of the on-line audience, newsletters and direct e-mail marketing continue to represent highly efficient digital marketing tools. Receiving updates via e-mail on issues of interest, presented with attractive graphics that allow for quick reading of content with added value (focus, special offers, advice, etc.) provides gratification, a feeling of exclusivity and trust towards the sender. If e-mail marketing and direct e-mail marketing are carried out correctly, with a clear understanding of project objectives and audience expectations, there are significant advantages for companies and organisations. In fact, the results are easily measured in terms of ROI (return on investment) and translate into increased traffic towards websites, landing pages and social media channels, the creation of interested, profiled leads, brand loyalty and propensity to convert.

What is E-mail Marketing?

E-mail marketing is a web marketing activity based on the use of e-mail as a means to communicate commercial messages or special material to an audience of potential and consolidated clients. The aim is to drive loyalty, acquire new consumers and increase sales or use of services, also through special and exclusive offers. Amongst all web promotion tools, e-mail marketing and direct e-mail marketing are those with the highest ROI.

What is the Difference between Newsletters and E-mail Marketing?

DEM is an acronym that stands for direct e-mail marketing or the advertising that is sent via e-mail to a generic mass audience or to a rented mailing list of unknown contacts. Newsletters, instead, also send a message (even non-commercial ones) via e-mail, but to a list of known and profiled users who have requested the service through a website or blog.

Direct e-mail marketing is used occasionally, while newsletters are issued regularly (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). Usually, DEM graphics are developed ad hoc for each mailing to present the call-to-action with a strong visual impact, while the layout of a newsletter is constant over time to simplify reading. According to the marketing strategies and objectives, both allow for transmission segmentation in terms of frequency and target groups, content and graphics, interaction and sharing tools on social media. Targeted newsletters and direct e-mail marketing guarantee greater conversion results as they communicate in the language and style about the preferences, needs and habits of the specific users receiving the message. Moreover, it is also important to define and analyse metrics for the evaluation of e-mail marketing actions. This includes monitoring e-mails that are opened and read, bounce rates, clicks, forwards and others “shares” on social media, and cancelled subscriptions.

Cultur-e E-mail Marketing Experience

At Cultur-e, we develop direct e-mail marketing strategies, actions and content, producing newsletters and profiled or massive DEMs for agencies and large companies. Whether in Italian or a foreign language, the e-mails are mailed out on the basis of a rigorous editorial plan addressing the target audience. At the beginning of any project, our digital marketing experts analyse the initial business context and the project objectives and reference targets to identify the best communication and engagement strategies engagement strategies for each identified user group (tone of voice, graphic style, content, frequency).

E-mail marketing activities are then integrated into a vaster multichannel strategy that identifies a range of touchpoints to amplify the breadth of individual actions and harmonise them with a synergic, coordinated system for contacting and engaging users. We take care of all the phases of graphic design  graphic design and technical matters for newsletters and DEMs, along with editorial planning and the development and transmission of individual messages. We continuously analyse e-mail marketing metrics, optimizing the format, language, content and message based on the preference of the user clusters with which we are working, because we always strive to obtain the best possible result for our clients and provide what users are looking for on-line.


CVA to communicate at 360 degrees with Cultur-e

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