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Data-driven Analysis

All our projects are based on an accurate analysis of our client’s context and reference market. This includes a data-driven analysis, based on objective data that is collected scientifically using advanced web tools for data analytics and sentiment analysis. The objective is to develop a clear and precise picture of the client’s brand positioning and web reputation, target audience, and analyse the activity of competitors to mark a semantic domain for SEO optimization and define the customer journey.

This initial phase is organised into context, target, SEO, benchmark and as-is analyses of proprietary channels together with an analysis of the on-line reputation. This provides us a with an overall picture and allows us to perform a swot analysis through which to develop a multi-channel strategy and pursue the digital project coherently and efficiently.

Context Analysis

A clear understanding of one’s starting point is essential to head in the right direction. Whether we are designing a web portal, kicking off a social media strategy or repositioning an on-line brand, all of our projects are based on an accurate context analysis of our clients and their reference markets to develop an efficient action strategy.

Target Analysis

A successful action strategy is based on a profound knowledge of users. Knowing one’s clients is fundamental to develop an efficient and coherent action plan that will fulfil user expectations by creating ad hoc messages, channels and actions.

Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis is fundamental. It identifies market risks and opportunities to help us better understand a target group by observing its relations with others and to distinguish our projects with a diverse and innovative strategy, product or service. Moreover, it also allows one to save time and resources by learning from the errors committed by others and exploiting best practices to understand what works and why.

SEO Analysis

Being present on search engines is fundamental for a successful project. SEO analyses allow the development of strategies that provide search engine visibility with reference both to organic and paid positioning of websites and on-line pages.

As Is Analysis

Are you happy with your web presence? Rather than proceed in a hit and miss fashion, an as is analysis provides a complete picture of your current situation and evaluates all active channels (websites, social channels, apps). This helps us to define new strategies and improve on-line presence.

On-line Reputation

The value of a brand or service can also be measured by its on-line reputation. The ability to listen and answer target audience questions is the key to success for any initiative, whether commercial or institutional. Social intelligence is fundamental to develop an efficient action strategy that will generate value and interest.