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Information on Candidate Personal Data Processing

As per Article 13 of Leg. Decree N. 196/03 (hereafter “Code”) and Articles 12-14 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (hereafter “GDPR”), CULTUR-E SRL (hereafter “Owner”) with offices in Rome (RM), Via Vettore, 6 | 00141, as “Data Controller,” informs you that your personal data, required for personnel selection at CULTUR-E SRL (as an employee, collaborator, intern, trainee, etc.) will be processed in full respect of applicable legislation, guaranteeing all the fundamental rights and liberties that you are due.


Origin and Type of Data Processed

The processing of your personal data, which is generally provided directly by you (via e-mail, in print, forms on websites, etc.), but may also originate from third parties that have been appointed to conduct selection activities (head-hunting companies, sites specialized in personnel selection, etc.), is performed by CULTUR-E SRL to select potential candidates with whom to collaborate in a variety of forms in respect of current legislation. This processing addresses:

  1. Personal data, contract data, academic data (degree, programmes, etc.);
  2. Data concerning previous professional experiences, the knowledge of foreign languages and other information useful for the evaluation of CVs, including retributive levels, etc.;
  3. Data provided by public sources such as Internet websites, social networks (including data from your public profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), newspapers and magazines, including the specialised press, publications and other information documents that are freely published or even freely consultable, and sites specialized in matching work supply and demand.

The above-mentioned data may also data that current legislation considers sensitive (i.e., data concerning criminal convictions and other sentences (judicial data).

Sensitive data (former Art. 4. C. 1 letter D of the Code and Art. 9 c. 1 of the Regulations) are, for example, those that may reveal information related to your health, maternity, accidents, inabilities, membership in a political party or trade union, religion and disability. In case of unsolicited applications, any sensitive data will be automatically processed as established by Art. 24 c1 letter I) without further need for specific consensus.


Legal Basis and Objectives of Data Processing

Your personal data, requested or collected before or during the course of candidate selection procedures, will be processed by the Data Controller for the following objectives:

  1. Manage the evaluation of your CV;
  2. Plan and manage interviews (including interactive or group interviews);

All data is managed as per Art. 24 c.1 letter b of the Code and Art. 6 c.1 b of the Regulations, even if considered sensitive, to allow your candidature to be evaluated in terms of competences and abilities and the needs of CULTUR-E SRL.

Moreover, all criteria established by Legislative Decree N. 125/91 will be implemented to guarantee there is no gender-based discrimination during the selection procedure.



Your data may be used for normal personnel selection procedure activities by individual employees to organize all the necessary organizational, administrative, financial and accounting activities that must be performed.

In any case, the Data Controller must transmit the data to the competent authorities, if such a demand is made.


Data Transfer Abroad

Your data will not be normally transferred outside of the European Economic Area. If this were necessary to manage the selection procedures, the parties receiving the data would be obliged to provide the same level of protection and safety as the Data Controller. In any case, only data that is strictly essential to complete the required activity will be transmitted and, if requested, all guarantees applicable to the transfer of data to third countries will be applied.


Data Processing Procedure and Conservation

Your data will be lawfully and correctly collected and recorded to pursue the objectives indicated above and in respect of the fundamental principles established by current legislation. 

Personal data processing may be pursued manually or via IT tools, but it will always be governed by technical and organizational measures that ensure its security and confidentiality, especially with regard to measures that guarantee risk of data destruction or loss, even accidental, unauthorized access and processing that is unlawful or not applicable to the data collection objectives.

Personal data is processed by CULTUR-E SRL throughout the entire process of personnel selection. In case of unsolicited applications, the data will be conserved for 12 months and then deleted. Data provided in reply to CULTUR-E SRL selection procedures will not in any case exceed 24 months from the end of the selection procedure, as described. In any case, you may request that your CV be kept for possible future requirements by CULTUR-E SRL.


Nature of Data Transmission and Processing Waiver

Come sopra indicato, il conferimento dei Suoi dati ha natura obbligatoria, essendo necessario al perseguimento delle finalità di cui al punto 1. lett. a) e b) connesse alla selezione del personale. E’ invece facoltativo il conferimento dei suoi dati personali per le finalità di cui al punto 1. lett. c) per il quale Lei può decidere liberamente se prestare lo specifico consenso che potrà sempre revocare. 



You can exercise your lawful rights at any moment, including:

  1. Access to personal data with a report on the related activities implemented by the Data Controller, processed data categories, who the data was transmitted to, applicable periods of data conservation and the existence of automated processes;
  2. Timely correction of inexact personal data;
  3. Data deletion, if applicable;
  4. Limited (or no) processing of data, if applicable;
  5. Request the transfer of data transmitted to CULTUR-E SRL to receive them in a common, structured format that may easily be read on an automatic device, even to transmit the data to a further Data Controller, without any opposition by CULTUR-E SRL;
  6. Present a complain to the Guarantee Authority for the Protection of Personal Data.

If you require further information on the processing of your personal data or intend to exercise your rights, please communicate this to


Data Controller

The Data Controller, as established by Ar.t. 4 of the Code and GDPR, is CULTUR-E SRL.