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Digital marketing

Consumer lives are increasingly digital. Whether it’s about a trip, a dinner or an appliance, or for booking a doctor’s appointment or using a service, users are looking for on-line information, reviews and opinions. Traditional marketing strategies are not geared to exploit these points of contact and intercept potential clients during study and purchase activities.

Indeed, they must be integrated with social and web marketing strategies. Digital marketing provides on-line visibility. It allows you to address custom-tailored messages to personas with dedicated customer journeys and interact with your targets independently from the time of day and their geographical location. And it is possible to monitor these actions in real-time to evaluate the efficiency of a strategy and, if necessary, optimise individual on-line marketing actions.

Digital marketing consists of brand promotion strategies, plans and actions and product and service sales on web and social media channels. It includes SEO and SEM (digital advertising, social media marketing and social ads, e-mail and content marketing, digital PR, lead generation and affiliation programmes).

On-line marketing strategies analyse the market to predict trends and create custom-tailored offers, initiatives and content aiming to extend public and commercial networks. They are made operative through action plans that convert visibility into purchases, use of services, consensus and loyalty.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing includes strategies, plans and actions for brand promotion or product commercialization on web and social media channels. This also encompasses SEO and SEM activities (digital advertising, social media marketing and social ads, content marketing and e-mail marketing, digital PRlead generation and affiliation programmes).

On-line marketing strategies aim to analyse market trends, provide forecasts and create custom-tailored offers, initiatives and content to extend an audience or commercial network. An action plan is required to convert this visibility into purchases, use of services, consensus and brand loyalty.

Funnel Marketing

If, in the past, it was possible to shoot in the dark and still obtain results, today, digital marketing has become a form of funnel marketing: a wide range of targets are addressed with specific messages and content to select interested individuals (leads) and draw them towards the conversion phase.

This process of gradual lead generation guides a specific audience towards increasingly more refined information, choices and benefits to convert unknown users into loyal clients who are willing to purchase or provide their consent to a brand (or project). Moreover, funnel marketing aims to transform users into ambassadors, enthusiastic and proactive clients who are happy about their product or service and speak about it with friends, promoting it through their on- and off-line communication channels.

An efficient content marketing strategy, addressing each target segment with ad hoc content, solutions and advantages for potential clients, is essential to obtain these results. Content must catch their attention, hold their interest and gratify them post-purchase or use with support, additional information and special offers.

Digital Marketing Strategy at Cultur-e

Our on-line marketing strategies define the best-suited lead generation tools and techniques for a given project through an in-depth data-driven analysis of the context, targets, competitors and reputation. This will allow us to formulate a value proposition and determine the target segments and the optimal marketing mix to achieve the established objectives.

The best-suited channels for each target segment are identified through customer personas coherent with the business strategy. We develop customer journey maps that define the typical on- and off-line scenarios in which each user enters into contact with a brand, is engaged through a range of touchpoints, and completes an ideal journey towards conversion in terms of purchase, consent or loyalty to an offer or brand. Tracing the customer journey allows us to represent the complexity of engagement and loyalty-building relations. This is fundamental not only to understand the habits, choices and emotions that motivate users to satisfy their needs, but also to design increasingly efficient communication and management actions for the funnel conversion process.

Depending on the context and objectives, our on-line marketing plans include:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Advertising and Campaigns
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Lead Generation
  • Affiliation Programmes

The success of a strategy also depends on the development of an efficient KPI (Key Performance Indicator) monitoring model capable of following actions and evaluating their efficiency in real time and employing user response to improve it. Digital marketing is based on user engagement and gratification.


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