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January 2022

ACI Infomobility entrusts the promotion of Luceverde digital services to Cultur-e

To represent the interests, ambitions and needs of contemporary car drivers, who are not simply “vehicle owners”, but citizens respectful of sustainable, individual and interconnected mobility: this is the objective we set in the tender launched by ACI Infomobility for the design and implementation of the promotional campaign for Luceverde services.

This is a project carried out with our partner Inarea, entrusted with the rebranding project, to achieve a common goal: promote the new Luceverde brand and the infomobility service enriched with advanced features, an enhanced version of the mobile app for iOS and Android and Amazon’s voice assistant support.

Cultur-e and Inarea have the task of disseminating the service’s new capabilities and increasing its brand awareness. It is a transversal mission that we will manage through a multi-channel campaign, which will promote Luceverde’s services through the integrated use of all touchpoints: web, social media and audio platforms.

In addition to the concept, campaign creativity, social publishing plan, space planning and purchase, we will take care of the guidelines for the brand communication strategy after its launch, enhancing the recognition of campaign messages and building a meaningful and engaging story over time.

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