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November 2018

Cameroon election and social media: a case study

The 2018 presidential elections were among the tensest in Cameroon’s recent history. The electoral campaign, particularly felt by Cameroonians and characterized by harsh tones, was also broadly discussed on social media, reflecting the growing importance of the internet in the political dynamics of African societies. From the analysis of this new study, the full force of the online debate in the electoral contest and in the internal balance of society becomes evident.

The research paper comes from the Social Analysis for Strategic Studies project, a joint collaboration between Cultur-e Digital Media and Ce.S.I. Centro Studi Internazionali. The evident centrality of online platforms requires a methodology that’s capable of taking into account both the depth of a traditional scenario analysis and the complexity of the digital ecosystem. Social Analysis for Strategic Studies was born to overcome the new information needs and challenges that Firms and institutions face.


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