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July 2020

From Assomineraria to Assorisorse: a new identity and website by Cultur-e

“Assorisorse – Sustainable Natural Resources and Energy” is the new naming and payoff of the former Assomineraria Association. It was approved yesterday through a general assembly held via videoconferencing.

The new identity expresses the profound changes that has affected the entire sector and the role of the association in supporting enterprises in the sector with the challenge represented by the energy transition. The objective is to promote national resources as a sustainable development engine and support associated enterprises through technological innovation and energetic efficiency.

The new website, which was also launched yesterday, has been entirely designed and developed by Cultur-e after winning a call in June. Cultur-e will provide communications consulting to Assomineraria over 2019-2021.

The new website is characterized by photographs and a multicolour code that open up space to information, topics, the associate of the week and updates to the social media feed. Further navigation provides a focus on Assorisorse with a focus on activities, a newsroom, including news and events from associates, a magazine for editorials and focuses and a learning room to access educational material selected by the Association.

Over the last months, Cultur-e has repositioned Assomineraria, developed a new naming and payoff, redesigned the website and develop a new look & feel for its identity on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube). Cultur-e will continue to help Assorisorse to strengthen its content with the development of an on-line magazine and manage relations with on-line users on its social media channels. 

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