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January 2018

Gruppo Iren: A new identity for all 7 websites

By the end of 2017, the new web identity of Gruppo Iren took shape. Cultur-e worked on the strategic brand repositioning for all the companies of the Group: a multiutility for the energy, water, and environmental services sector, and for the Public Administration; working in the Italian Northwestern territories. In December, the last two websites (Ireti and Iren Ambiente) went online, completing the system for the Group  (Gruppo IrenEduirenIren informaIren AcquaIren Luce e Gas).

The starting point for the restyling process was Inarea‘s brand architecture, designed with the objective of integrating the complex historical, territorial and corporate elements of the Group into a single and harmonious composition. User experience was a central element, not only having current energy service clients in mind but also including users of the water and environmental resources. Not to mention investors and opinion leaders, including those of institutional nature, interested in the stock exchange performance and the Group’s strategic development plans.

A truly ambitious project, that found strength in integrated communication and a cross-channel navigation mode. When combined with clear messages and contents, the result is a new and improved presence on digital media, that mirrors Gruppo Iren’s role as a nationally known, high-level operator, serving local communities and their citizens.

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