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December 2022

Italiaonline chooses Cultur-e for the content strategy of PagineGialle

Traffic is nothing without conversions. The goal of Italiaonline, the well-known web company with which Cultur-e has been collaborating for years on various projects, may be summarized in this way. The partnership is now enriched with a new challenge: to create an SEO content strategy capable of increasing the online traffic of two important vertical channels, PagineGialle Casa Magazine and PagineGialle Magazine.

Since 2020 Cultur-e has been collaborating in the production of content for the PagineGialle Casa Magazine, the portal dedicated to meeting supply and demand between individuals and professionals in the home sector on tax and legislative issues. The assignment of the entire project and the addition of PagineGialle Magazine, addressed to users and commercial companies from different sectors, confirms that the path taken is the one that leads to the desired results.

The editorial line aims at building a quality SEO content system, aimed at promoting the authority of the online brand and anticipating users’ needs. The goal is to convert the interested reader into a potential Italiaonline client. The editorial planning, being designed for specific research questions, concretely responds to the information needs of users and increases the visits to the portal of the target audience.

A careful study of the most searched keywords online on various topics, both nationally and locally, guides the broad ecosystem of content and positions PagineGialle on the web based on its goal: to meet people’s needs.

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