Italiaonline chooses Cultur-e for the content strategy of PagineGialle

Traffic is nothing without conversions. The goal of Italiaonline, the well-known web company with which Cultur-e has been collaborating for years on various projects,...

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July 2015

Promoting work flexibility and company welfare with Italia Lavoro

Cultur-e won the tender to design the new brand identity and website restyling for La FemMe,(“Lavoro Femminile nel Mezzogiorno”) a project focused on the promotion of women’s employment and company welfare.

With a mandate from the Italian Ministry of Labor, Italia Lavoro wants to relaunch the project, giving it a new name: EQuIPE 2020, which stands for “Efficienza e Qualità del Sistema, Innovazione, Produttività, Equilibrio vita lavoro” (Efficient and Quality System, Innovation, Productivity and Work – Life Balance), and broaden its focus to labor in Italy (not just women’s).

Goals for the restyling of the website are to enhance the online information, training and awareness activities about the project, to promote a new model of flexible work organization, that is both innovative and sustainable, in order to make the work-life balance a lever for productivity within a company.