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December 2020

The New CVA Energie Advertising Campaign is multichannel with Cultur-e

Describing twenty years of experience in renewables with a focus on people: this is the objective of the new Cultur-e advertising campaign for CVA Energie, a company from Valle d’Aosta operating in the green energy sector.

Thanks to a synergic and integrated approach, the identity of CVA Energie takes shape through clear metaphors and attractive images. The generations of the future become the protagonists of small stimulating experiments to produce energy. Indeed, the curiosity behind their actions is the same that has always driven CVA to research and develop green energy.

The professional experience of the Group is amplified via a multichannel approach with an AD Smart Clip that is geotargeted on Sky, Digital and Social Advertising, as well through local advertising. The reliable and reassuring tone of voice is transversal to every channel and reinforces the recognition of the new CVA Energie brand, addressing it towards consumer targets for the Group’s commercial expansion (Lombardy, Liguria and Piedmont, besides Valle d’Aosta).

Your dream of natural energy has come true. Twenty years ago.” The campaign claim underlines the mission of CVA Energie and aims to reveal a great truth: The company has always been both innovative and sustainable.

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