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July 2021

The new EnergieMAG is online to tell the future of energy with CVA

Promoting sustainability, green culture, technological innovation and sustainable development: these are the objectives of the new EnergieMAG, the information portal of CVA Energie, a company which has been dealing with the production of 100% green energy for 20 years.

The magazine created by Cultur-e develops an editorial project from an SEO point of view and aims to position itself as a point of reference on the web on energy issues thanks to authoritative and quality content.

Online since June 2021, the magazine presents an information-based architecture entirely reorganized thanks to a SEO strategy that analyses the most searched keywords on the topics of renewable energy, sustainable business and home, sustainable mobility and innovation. The graphic layout, restyled in line with the look & feel of the CVA Energie portal, is focused on users and enhances the recognition of the content.

In order to facilitate and make UX more fluid, a number of features have been introduced, such as reading time and the possibility to filter articles by theme and format, which allow users to customise navigation, accessing the content of the magazine in a simple and immediate way. Cultur-e has also overseen the technological development of the portal and will deal with post go-live assistance.

The new EnergieMAG offers tips and advice for sustainable living at home and outside, the best business practices in terms of sustainability, news and developments in the renewable sector, insights on sustainable mobility, interviews with the sector stakeholders, the numbers of energy summed up in a nutshell. Encompassed in the monthly newsletter, the content of the magazine meets the needs of the users directly involved in CVA’s mission. Creating a sustainable future by giving new life to energy.

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