CVA Heads Digital with Cultur-e

Cultur-e will develop a new on-line presence for the CVA Group – Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque, one of the most important Italian enterprises operating in the...

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July 2017

Treccani: 300,000 fans on Facebook

The Treccani Facebook page, managed daily by Cultur-e, reaches a new milestone of 300,000 fans.

The management started in 2008, aiming at involving users by tweaking content around Italian language content, culture, topicality, geopolitics, sciences, etc. to suit a social media appropriate tone. Also including the Institute’s strengths and activities through promotion and enhancement of events in the country.

Among the most appreciated there’s grammar content pills and Italian language insights on various topics – such as political communication – that stimulate engagement and drive users to share their personal opinions. As well as questions, tests, memes and summer headlines that are present in users’ newsfeeds every day.

For about a year, the page has also promoted the Atlas magazine‘s insights, whose contents, tweaked for posts, provide users with small conceptual maps about current geopolitical reality amongst others.

The Facebook page is managed in synergy with the other social channels of the Institute: Twitter and Youtube.