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November 2022

UNGUESS chooses Cultur-e for the content strategy of its new corporate blog

Multilingual, authoritative and winning for search engines: UNGUESS has chosen Cultur-e for the content strategy of its new corporate blog. An ambitious challenge that places Cultur-e’s expertise in the development of engaging SEO content at the service of UNGUESS, which is committed to the strategic issues of software testing, user experience, customer experience and cybersecurity.

The thematic guidelines build a transversal editorial strategy developed in several types of content.

The rigorous SEO articles, based on the information needs of the target audience, enhance the identity of UNGUESS online and consolidate its brand awareness by populating the multilingual blog in English, Italian and Spanish. The case studies and white papers offer timely content that can be downloaded and shared both through the UNGUESS social channels and in the related newsletters. All the editorial proposals, elaborated in a multichannel key, communicate with the public, considering its needs, thus strengthening the lead generation that aims to acquire new potential contacts.

High goals that do not set linguistic limits: UNGUESS can rely on an international team of native speakers highly specialised in hi-tech themes. The production in English of the proposed content, together with the translations and SEO adaptations of the content in Italian and Spanish, guarantee total multilingual coverage of the blog.

Be smart from the beginning: the UNGUESS mission tells of the synergistic work with Cultur-e. From the beginning, together, building a solid online presence by focusing on content. Smart and high quality.

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