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Personal branding

An individual’s on-line reputation is determined not only by what they publish, but also by what others post about them. A quote, a photo tag or an answer to a comment on social media can modify the public perception of managers and both their on-line and off-line reputation. In fact, the on-line presence of candidates is now used along with interviews and CVs to screen job applicants.

Your web and social identity provide an important – if not fundamental – outlook onto your professional and personal life. In order to guarantee that you have a positive reputation and avoid easy pitfalls, it is essential to rely on personal branding and web reputation experts for top manager branding, self-branding and employer branding.


What is Personal Branding?

A personal brand represents what is said, heard and thought at the collective level. It is the reason that drives a client, employer or partner to choose a person and their proposal. Personal branding is the process that defines, provides value and communicates a brand as efficiently as possible. As with any other branding strategy, it is based on an efficient analysis of its initial positioning and the strengths that make the proposal (person) unique and differentiate them from competitors. A rigorous context analysis allows us to develop an efficient digital communication and promotion strategy.

A winning strategy must be based on creativity and originality, but also on transparency, sharing and networking. Transparency is a must to ensure long-term results. Lies don’t travel far on-line and light will soon be shed on any “skeletons in the closet,” even if they are ancient. You need to build a true image of yourself. Moreover, personal brands will emerge and develop over time via sharing and networking, by creating a community, generating influence and maintaining relations with an audience. Of course, if you have a brand ambassador, results will arrive more rapidly and satisfyingly. Nonetheless, you must remember that in personal branding success is not just about numbers, but about quality. Your activity on websites, blogs and social media profiles, as well as on the channels of friends and colleagues, including mentions by other users, all count.

Personal Branding at Cultur-e

We provide our digital and social experience to help develop personal branding strategies and actions for top managers, opinion leaders and public, social and political influencers. We begin with an as is (link a Analisi data driven > analisi del contesto) and web reputation analysis (link a Analisi data driven > reputazione online) to identify the values associated with an individual and their working context, on-line reputation and user sentiment. Then, we develop a personal positioning strategy to define which personal assets to focus on and how to overcome critical issues and manage reputational crises.

After sharing this strategy with our client, we develop an on-line promotion model and an editorial project for the management of web channels (blogs, websites, personal pages) and social media profiles. We provide the best methods for promoting authoritative, high-quality content to best position a person. Then, we complete the service with by developing a networking model to drive on-line collaboration, sharing and influence related to the brand. Moreover, we draft a reputational crisis management model together with the client, along with guidelines on how to evaluate the danger level of messages, what behaviour to adopt and the best answers.

On request, we also organize self-branding training courses to help clients become independent and capable of managing their own on-line image.


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