Proxigas: a new horizon for the world of gas

Facing the challenges of the new international energy context, enhancing the identity of the Italian gas supply chain: with this objective, Proxigas – the...

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Alessandro Dattilo

He doesn’t know this, but his colleagues refer to him as the “genius of evil,” because Alessandro can take care of any professional assignment without batting an eyelid. Do we need him to write a scientific essay based on 85 sources in Chinese, Arabic and Russian? Do we need to publish a hyper-motivational article that will change the destiny of humanity? A 300-page book in two days? No problem. He completes any task with his innate Savoy tranquillity, elegantly trimmed in irony. How? We don’t know. It’s a mystery that rivals the Nazca Lines, the Megaliths of Carnac and the Bermuda Triangle.
In the meantime, he moves between Rome and Turin, where he was born and grew up. And he still roots for the “bianconeri.” Arriving in Rome after having worked for newspapers, press agencies, radios and local televisions, the eternal good boy rides the long wave of the web promoting brand journalism. When he has time (?) left, he teaches communications strategy. He could speak about it for hours, literally. He also writes books (especially for clients), but don’t call him a ghostwriter. He’s a storyteller. It’s cooler and less of a commitment!