Assunta Stifano

A tempestuous glance with a sweet disposition, like any other creative talent. Birthplace: the green landscapes of Cilento, Alma Mater: Milano, home: Rome, aperitivo: Brera, for sure. Bottom line, Mozzarella di bufala (traditional meal from the South of Italy) and Osso buco (traditional meal from the North of Italy). It would seem rational to believe that she’s always this calm and collected, a hypothesis that can be backed up with her punctual and precise writing style; like a scalpel that digs into the flesh of a previously inanimate corporate world, that is suddenly magically resurrected. As her eyes are fixed on the window, left hand going through her hair, right hand filling the white pages of a notebook with pencil scribbles. That’s the general rule, except for Thursday… every week, from noon and for 10 minutes, it’s horoscope time. The silent Acquarius, shakes, agitatated, she spills out omens and stern warnings to colleagues around her. But don’t worry, she’ll go back to normal in a bit (fortunately!). Ingenious elegance, even in informal and monocrome t-shirts. In her free time, she devours books and Fregene styled fried fish. She is a pacifist, but don’t even think about making fun of her name: you’ll regret it! Final evaluation with triple A: Accuracy, Acuity, Assunta.