Proxigas: a new horizon for the world of gas

Facing the challenges of the new international energy context, enhancing the identity of the Italian gas supply chain: with this objective, Proxigas – the...

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Elena Mandara

Summer cool, spring soft, autumn deep and winter bright. Elena knows her seasons and respects them because harmony is fundamental – and not just colours, but words, too. For Elena, copywriting is immediacy and study, colour and intonation. In fact, as an alto in a thirty-piece choir, she masters rhythm. And it’s the same rhythm she uses to write with passionate ease for both B2B and B2C clients, for social media or not, for art, culture, brands, corporate and Sanremo Music Festival! Try speaking to her about it. You’ll probably end up in some musicology group in which you’ll be forced to pretend you’re having fun! In exchange, she’ll concoct masterful recipes. Deserts? Definitely. She is always ready to share the nuts on her ice-cream cone for the chocolate tip!
She’s not one for habits, but she’s methodical, loves to delve into futile things, adores etymology and the Baroque, and is a firm believer of electric steam cookers. Elena is eclectic and versatile! She looks good in any colour, except for beige. Don’t even try it!