Proxigas: a new horizon for the world of gas

Facing the challenges of the new international energy context, enhancing the identity of the Italian gas supply chain: with this objective, Proxigas – the...

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Filippo Tansini

Since childhood, Filippo was convinced, as was everyone else in his family, that he would become a geologist.  He didn’t turn out quite the way everyone expected. Adolescent exuberance pushed him towards the theatre, but not the contemporary one: too simple, cheap, and banal. So he became an expert in period theatre, more specifically Baroque dramas. Ask him about Tasso and make no mistake, he will talk for hours. He also wrote his university thesis on this. Now, his maniacal appreciation for text has moved to online analysis, and one can only imagine the pedantic analytical depth of his reports. Don’t be fooled by the innocent smile hiding under his beard, a smile like that of a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He uses it every time he pretends not to know something with admirable modesty. Or when he pretends not to know how to cook: Filippo prepares a “cacio and pepe” to rave about. Never underestimate him: after pedaling for hours with relentless tenacity, he is capable of establishing a new record for navigating Bracciano lake, all the while maintaining rigorous meditative silence.