Iren Group’s new website online, curated by Cultur-e together with CodeLand and PwC Italy

Ambitious and challenging: the digital ecosystem of the Iren Group is online with the new corporate portal that focuses on the information needs of different audiences...

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Letizia L’Abbate

“You remind me of the sea” sang Daniele Silvestri (her favorite) some years ago. That’s Letizia, you see her and can’t think of anything else but Polignano a Mare’s sun, the inmense love for the colors of her land and good home-made food. But you can’t stop here, because behind that lovely girl’s face hide multiple personalities, at least two other than her. That is why her true name is Maria Letizia Lucia: so besides Letizia, the cheerful, vibrant and sunny one that everyone knows, there is also Maria, the timid, nice and always available one; but both have to succumb to Lucia, the one that if angry… better to stay away!
Exceptional Social Media Manager, she has worked in the gut of these platforms from the start: PA and Customer Service. Today she feeds conversations of any kind with succesful posts and tweets. This expert Pugliese soul doesn’t have patience to understand the meaning of your American coffee: Maria will try to justify you, Letizia will shudder, but Lucia will not talk to you again.