Italiaonline chooses Cultur-e for the content strategy of PagineGialle

Traffic is nothing without conversions. The goal of Italiaonline, the well-known web company with which Cultur-e has been collaborating for years on various projects,...

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Luca Marciano

Still waters run deep. Those who met him during his student period hardly forgot this Neapolitan “parrot” with a certain “funny” air to him. A brilliant ironic mind that spares no one, Luca specializes in Web Analytics & Digital Marketing. True fan of the internet and raw data, he brings joy and laughter in his weekly visits to Cultur-e. As a digital nomad, he carefully chose a job that allows him to manage his time and resources, but if you bump into him on a break, don’t offer him a coffee that’s not worthy of his name: you will immediately wipe off his smile and optimism. Particularities? Saying he’s a Napoli Soccer fan is an understatement, if it’s true that “soccer is the last sacred representation of our times”, for Luca, Napoli is more than a passion, it’s an authentic and profound faith, and as such, it requires participation and recollection.