Cultur-e joins the Arsenalia Group. A constantly evolving ecosystem of skills

Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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Silvia Santoni

Sweet and decisive. Polite and resolute. Silvia’s two sides are engaged in a constant dialogue about how to handle Public Relations, an art form in which she reigns supreme and one that she does not renounce in her daily life. A journalist born in the trenches, she cut her teeth and showed her muscles rubbing elbows in the press agency world. Anyone is fair game when it comes to interviews, especially if questions are asked with her velvety voice. Ask her for advice, and she’ll open the Wikipedia pages of her heart and find the right cord to make your harp sing. However, if her weekend was not a success, limit yourself to a quick “Ciao Silvia” and keep your eyes your screen while you do so. Her passions? Crying at weddings, watching “pupone” Totti’s penalty shots, and the roar of a Formula One car. Other than that, she is dedicated to maintaining her figure – not an easy feat given the impossible gastronomic creations she prepares. If you sit next to her during lunch, ignore the yogurt with chocolate chips, risolat spread on Pandoro, butter on her popcorn. Because of her inherent sense of humor, any small fixation is easily demoted to second place. Examples?  She keeps a large bag of medication bigger than her suitcase. The same goes for the window in the office: open it on a beautiful winter’s day, and after 5 minutes, you’ll feel her icy glare at the center of your back.