Italiaonline chooses Cultur-e for the content strategy of PagineGialle

Traffic is nothing without conversions. The goal of Italiaonline, the well-known web company with which Cultur-e has been collaborating for years on various projects,...

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Valentina Grieco

There’s a list in our office titled “My torture” dedicated to her commuting tragedies. A daily odyssey on the mythic 19 bus that brings her from the Pigneto to the Cultur-e offices. Still, you’ll never catch her with a hair out of place. An artistic, creative genius inside in a mathematical mind; she can easily jump from web design to online conversation analysis. Avellino is her homeland and her passions include fashion and aesthetics. She just can’t let go when one of her colleagues fail to put together an outfit or mix colors that just don’t go together. And be sure, she will charge at you with irony.

Virtues and faults? She’s like a spring day: sunny in the morning, but before noon thick clouds start plaguing the sky, then it’s heavy rain until night comes. Never in that same order. A tip: Don’t leave her alone during the coffee break, because her OCD will kick in and the sugar package container will suffer the consequences.