Proxigas: a new horizon for the world of gas

Facing the challenges of the new international energy context, enhancing the identity of the Italian gas supply chain: with this objective, Proxigas – the...

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Veronica Nicosia

With a degree in Physics and Astrophysics, a Master’s in Digital Marketing and Social Media and a specialization in Scientific Journalism, Veronica’s professional career plays out like an astral array of anarchic starts that line up in SEO mode, illuminating the keywords at all levels. And yet, she knows nothing about this. She’s too concentrated on numbers and statistics. And she is certainly not swayed by horoscopes. She was born in Anzio and grew up between Nettuno and Rome. Space is a flexible variable in her life and overlooks the sea, just like her writing. She is fluid and pragmatic. Veronica is a certified swimming instructor, an expert surfer tailing SERP and research engines, and always emerges with a precise analysis on technology, science, health, environment and energy issues.
She is an optimistic and committed problem-solver. Ask her to take your PC apart and put it back together and she always manages, save one screw. It’s a must. Yet, there is nothing to spare in her daily activities: optimizing web content, producing editorial plans and finding time to have fun with reporting. She loves superheroes and probably wishes she was one! As a little girl she dreamed about becoming an astronaut; she ended up interviewing one: “and thence we came forth to see again the stars.” Anarchic stars, of course.