Our Services

We offer the following services: analysis and strategy, web and social media design and development, operational management and monitoring, online promotion, training on how to use digital media. In 2013, we established a unique global division for Social Intelligence. The team includes international experts who monitor and analyze online conversations gathered from different geopolitical areas (Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Middle East, Russia and Central Asia, Indian and the Far East.)

The methodology of the analysis, development and implementation of our services is derived from our variety of competences in diverse branches of media, our standardized work processes and our system of rigorous quality control.  Our team identifies the most effective communication and web marketing strategies, the content and the plan for the project’s realization based on a series of analyses of the clients’ needs, their distinctive elements, main objectives and targets.

Our processes are based on a multidisciplinary approach to design, development and content creation; to the collaboration in synergy with the client’s internal structure; to the management of outsourcing strategic and specialized aspects of communication.

Our team’s knowledge of each client’s communication needs and the complementary skills we have in different fields are the major strengths of our processes.

Cultur-e’s approach and methodology is based on the quality system management. In Italy, Cultur-e has been one of the first ever UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified agencies in its industry branch since January 2003. Cultur-e has fulfilled the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards since November 2009. The certified system applies to all of our activities: design, development, management of web and intranet portals, multimedia content, digital PR, social media. View Certification

Over the past few years we have continued to improve our methodology for quality control, which is evidenced by our projects’ success. Five areas of intervention:
•    planning and executive management;
•    design management and creation of the service;
•    management of critical issues and client satisfaction;
•    reporting;
•    plans for improvement.

Digital Strategy
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Communication Strategy
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Social Intelligence
Data mining strategy
Image monitoring
Viral impact analysis
Target insights
Customer intelligence

Web Portals and Apps
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Governance model
Design and user experience
Development, publishing and testing
Daily management

Social media
Editorial design
Governance model
Engagement initiatives
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Social care and CRM

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