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Italian chocolate is enjoyed through online images

From conquering the land to strengthening the economy. In India, people are consuming more and more, mainly because of the aspiring middle class that, from 2005 to 2011, has doubled its income. A new vitality is also reflected in the demographic data, with almost half of the population being under 25 yo. India represents a market of significant potential, unique because of the great margin of inclusion it offers.

In this scenario, Italy is India’s fourth commercial partner amongst EU countries (after Germany, UK, and Belgium). In 2014, the exports to the Asian country were of 3,04 billion euros (+2,3% from 2013). The main products from our country were car accessories, textile machinery, chemicals, paper and cardboard, machinery for special applications and for packaging, ornamental and construction stones. We can’t forget about Agro-food products. Amongst these, chocolate, despite not being a traditional ingredient in Indian food, has a great consumer base.

In special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings or national holidays, a lot of Indians would rather buy chocolate as a gift, instead of traditional sweets. Also, traditional bakeries and cafes in Mumbai and Delhi have made chocolate the base for their sweets and milkshakes. The forecasts indicate a growth in the product’s consumption until 2019, at least. So much so, that the main chocolate producers have decided to invest in the Asian market, not only concentrating efforts in the supply of diverse products (snack, spreadable cream, chocolate bars etc.) but also on the packaging and kits for special occasions.

If Cadbury and Nestlè are amongst the strongest brands, Italian Ferrero is right behind, in third place. This status has been gained little by little, since entering the Indian market in 2004. Today, Nutella and Ferrero Rocher are a “must” in bakeries and restaurants in Mumbai. So much so, that, when an acquaintance travels from Italy, locals always ask for the product as a gift. Due to high prices, Italian chocolate and Ferrero products are limited to high-income individuals and the aspiring middle class. In any of the capital’s cafes, a slice of Nutella or Ferrero Rocher cake costs around 350/400 rupee, the daily medium cost of living for a family of four in poor conditions.

Like other Made in Italy products, chocolate is a status symbol that is exhibited not only in holidays and home visits, but also online.

Discover how online users in India react to Italian chocolate.

[May 2016]

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