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Italian design: A social media status symbol

New York: The year was 1972. For the first time, people were using the term “Made in Italy” thanks to an Italian furniture and lamp exposition. From that moment, Italian design products came in the American imagery.

Symbols of excellence and quality, objects of desire exhibited or sought after. Off and online.

Analyzing thousands of English language online articles and social media posts it was difficult to find even one of them that shed a negative light on the country’s furniture or decoration items.

From November 2016 to April 2017 almost 200K online posts talked about Italian furnishing, these generated more than 3 million interactions (retweet, comments, shares o like).

The engagement amongst users was high, with messages where the images where more frequent than text. After all, this is a sector where there has to be a balance between functionality and aesthetics, emotions count more than words.

A shocking image accompanied by an enthusiastic comment it’s worth as much as an articulated review. This also applies to sales call to action. From the picture of the new couch that is proudly shown to friends and relatives, to your “dream kitchen”, the showcasing of sofas, coffee makers or Made in Italy lamps can’t be stopped.

[June 2017]

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