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Italian fashion and luxury, online

Five months of intense Network conversation listening. Following, analyzing and interpreting how online users in the MENA countries (The Middle East and North Africa) comment on Italian fashion’s most important products and trends.

An analysis that started with a given: A third of the world’s luxury market speaks italian. In a time when the fashion industry is going through profound changes, latching onto technology innovation and the constantly switching needs from costumers.

According to the fourth edition of the Digital Luxury Experience 2015 report -made by the Altagamma Foundation and McKinsey, and analyzing the impact that digital media and e commerce have on customers’ luxury shopping experiences around the world- in 2020 at least 12% of luxury goods sales will be done through digital channels.

In 2025, the ecommerce penetration in this industry will reach 18%. In ten years almost 1 in 5 transactions will occur online, totaling about 70 billion euros. Using a geographic parameter, it would be the third global market, after that of the United States and China. The world’s 100th world giants generate a total turnover of $214.2 billion, and Italy, with 29 companies in the Top 100, is the most represented country.

A focus on the Luxury side of the Made in Italy brand, where some important collections can be compared with the most expensive jewels. These are products that make an impact, and that make us want to analyze them just because of their ability to arouse admiration and cause a reaction. Discovering, first and foremost, that the discussions on the subject of italian fashion has registered higher volumes than those of Italian jewelery.

In the 5 month analysis, results showed that italian fashion has generated more then 30 thousand messages, in french, english and arabic, that at the same time, have brought to life 500 thousand interactios, reaching almost 290 thousand unique users. Volumes that can’t even be compared to italian jewellery, with 2 thousand messages, 25 thousand interactions, and just over 20 thousand registered unique users.

What were the most important results and significant findings?

[July 2016]

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