Simona Battistella

Simona battistella

She transforms into a raging missile traveling at lightspeed. The boss: a Milanese in Rome. She had no trouble adjusting: within a week she used the classic roman expression “ahoo,” was perpetually late, and no longer believed the old adage that Romans never worked and drank little. Now, she only dines at typical osterie. Graced with the iron will, difficult character and pragmatic intelligence typical of Lombards. After years of studying, PHDs and academies, she became the coordinator and then the director of media content for two important portals before finally assuming her natural role: entrepreneur. She presents an unlikely appearance to the new-economy world (unfashionable shoes and pastel bouses) and despite her “I understand perfectly, but that’s incorrect”, the client almost always thank her. In the face of challenge, failure is not an option: if the mountain won’t come to her, she’ll go to the sea, “Gosh darnit!” Biggest strength and weakness: her mistakes, like her successes are always of titanic proportion.


(IT) Annalaura Ruffolo

She challenges the cold winter with bright colors, and welcomes spring in all-black. She hates air conditioning and during the summer always opens the windows to let the cool breeze in. This should start alerting you. In the office, some days you’ll find her gathering and guiding crowds of colleagues to the coffee machine (like the best of tour guides), other days, she won’t take off her headphones, even while eating lunch in front of the PC. With a nordic-continental soul, she prefers destinations such as Berlin or Stockholm, and Spritz when getting drinks. Calabria runs through her veins, and comes out everytime she ventures into Rome’s rush hour or one of her colleagues is commiting the sins of pride or laziness. Groupie of new bands of the italian Indie scene, and concomitant of music festivals accross Europe, Anna doesn’t have an off button. Cultur-e’s own Saint Peter, she opens the door early in the morning and closes it late in the evening, she’s essential to the strategy and design area. In her hair you will never find a srunchie, or bobby-pin, what a horror! Only pens and pencils: the last hard socket of a radical chic post communism vibe.


(IT) Barbara Lauro

Pizza and babà join forces once again within this Librarian archivist and Social Media expert. The peaceful creature can be recognized by her permanent smile, lively intelligence, and an array of jokes that crack everyone up. Barbara, belongs to Napoli by birth and spirit; she grew up going around the traditional “fraschette” of the Roman Castles, and is known by her innate joy, a spirit of adventur and friendly disposition -all probably fueled by as much porchetta and vinello as she can consume.
This expert in social strategy and digital PR gives up all technology when she’s out to dinner with friends, honoring the tradition of putting wine bottles by an open window instead of in the fridge. A cruel temptation for the neighbors. We have seen things that you, as an outsider, can’t imagine… she might get to the office without her PC, forgetting where she parked her car, and if she was in charge of buying the candles for your birthday party, you risk having to wait 1 year and 4 months (at the least)!


(IT) Filippo Tansini

Since childhood, Filippo was convinced, as was everyone else in his family, that he would become a geologist.  He didn’t turn out quite the way everyone expected. Adolescent exuberance pushed him towards the theatre, but not the contemporary one: too simple, cheap, and banal. So he became an expert in period theatre, more specifically Baroque dramas. Ask him about Tasso and make no mistake, he will talk for hours. He also wrote his university thesis on this. Now, his maniacal appreciation for text has moved to online analysis, and one can only imagine the pedantic analytical depth of his reports. Don’t be fooled by the innocent smile hiding under his beard, a smile like that of a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He uses it every time he pretends not to know something with admirable modesty. Or when he pretends not to know how to cook: Filippo prepares a “cacio and pepe” to rave about. Never underestimate him: after pedaling for hours with relentless tenacity, he is capable of establishing a new record for navigating Bracciano lake, all the while maintaining rigorous meditative silence.


(IT) Luigi Teodonio

To his niece, he’s uncle Gigio, to his friends he’s simply Giggio. With his unkept beard and gaze lost in space, Luigi is a modern dreamer torn between his love of politics and new technology. A self-proclaimed nerd with political chops that has turned his passion for routers, digital cameras, and smartphones into a career. Give him a title, a couple of keywords and he’ll throw together the perfect Dummies guide on how to improve PC settings or how to choose the best antivirus for free- while strictly adhering to SEO rules and the right positioning on a search engine.
His greatest misfortune? To find himself working with his sister or that “dictator in a skirt.” Well, you can’t have everything in life. A hard-headed and tireless worker, Luigi’s childhood dream was to become a mechanical engineer. After a few months of numbers, formulas and AutoCad programs, it became clear that his creative spirit could not be contained to such rigid studies.
So he chose the green gardens of Villa Mirafiori and pursued his first love: philosophy. Next, he packed his bags for Sweden, where it gets dark at 3pm in winter and snow falls until May. In Jonkoping he met an unusual character: the professor Sverker Johanssson, an authority in his field who opened the door to Swedish language and his mechanisms. Sweden has remained in his heart, most likely due to their infinite respect for rules – the kind of rules that his niece, Aurora, doesn’t care to follow.


(IT) Serena Prudenzano

Contrary to her name, Serena is a violent sea. A huge mass of dark, untameable hair, Salento waters are reflected in her eyes and a smile that brightens up the room when you can sneak a peek. In the office, she will often burst in exclamations and ironic laughter, directly speaking to the PC. She comments on post, tweets, mails, and news like a grandma who thinks she can change Beautiful’s plot by screaming at the TV. Work and passion are her monads. Facebook, Twitter and Analytics have no secrets for her, always up to date on the latest of web and social media. If you want her opinion, you will get what you asked for: clarity and no diplomacy- at all. In her free time she turns to music: the west coast swing, a dance where you must interpret the beats, creating and improvising footsteps. When opening the folder with CV’s she has received at Cultur-e, she has Cruella de Vil’s same look in front of the 101 Dalmatian puppies…


(IT) Egidio Filippetti

His motto is “Just relax”. He repeats it constantly (especially when there is a deadline approaching), and succeeds in imparting a calming sense of security and positivity typical of those who come from Puglia. Seated behind an enormous Mac, with his graphic design pad always on and headphones glued to his ears, he zeroes in on his work and everything around him falls away.
Be advised: it is useless to call his name, repeatedly message him on Skype, or tap him on the shoulder. He is completing 542 templates right on schedule and, naturally, the end result is impeccable thanks to his minimal style. With affable delight, he patiently accommodates the wide range of requests that bombard him regarding banners, infographics and websites. His eye for detail and strong esthetic sensibility have made him somewhat of a male anomaly: he’s the first man to tell you have lint on your sleeve, and he’s the only one who cares enough to tell you. Watch out for his perfectionism, which is almost maniacal: he refuses to leave his desk before his tools are perfectly arranged.


(IT) Sara Moretto

“Sara or the struggles of a young Content Manager,” would be a fitting title for her biography. Bemoaning the cold north sun, she begins every working day in Rome sighing in front of her screen, typing furiously on her keyboard with wild creative abandon, every once in a frustrated “darn it” escapes her lips. Her productivity cannot be contained: when she’s not typing a mile a minute, she is constantly chatting at incessant and rapid pace, like that of river overflowing. For Sara managing any type of content from anywhere on earth is not an issue; skipping lunch is a tragedy. And now enter her second (and most important) role in the company: the self-proclaimed “Food Manager.” No menu has been overlooked, no order forgotten, no meatball has ever arrived late, since she took charge. She dreams of introducing happy hour to the company’s best practices and a CMS worthy of the name (Cocoa, Marron glacé and Strawberries).


(IT) Elena Dalla Massara

Tip toeing down the hills of Vicenza, Elena made her way to the foggy alleyways of Venice where she graduated with a degree in philosophy. She began timidly navigating the chaotic streets of the Eternal City for an Editorial training course and a Master’s in Communication of Cultural Politics.
She hasn’t stopped since, traveling far and wide throughout Italy for work and attending strategy sessions and launching into an impromptu kick-off meeting at the drop of a hat. For her, being the cornerstone of every project isn’t enough. Thanks to her spirit of observation and keen analytical skills, the Social Intelligence Department took flight and has continued its ascent, with Elena reigning over a team of international analysts. There’s more. Veteran and responsible traveler, she has always thrived at building profound relationships with the people she has visited. The pictures she has taken attest to her ability to capture the spirit of countries like Sudan, Afghanistan, Peru, Mongolia and Albania. And her network of contacts has allowed her to remain in constantly connected to the world – like a real global digital strategist – even in the heart of the capital.


(IT) Fabio Ferri

In the office he walks kilometer worth of corridors and stairs, with a tantric look on his face while talking with his clients. A loud voice, calm tone, and one motto: “No problem”. If problems do arrive, there’s certainly no lack of tenacity and will to solve them. Fabio, Social Media and Content Strategist, has many years of experience in the field of Digital Communication, which is inversely proportional to those as a fashion stylist. You’ll se him in windbreakers and shirts that remind you of Back to the future’s Doc. At work, he applies the rules of his favorite pastime: chess. During the lunch break, do not look for him in a restaurant, but in the library around the corner: his food is prose and poetry. A verse with which he describes himself: “If I was paper, read me as the Intergalactic Guide, full of marching and pinging flights.” To get revenge from his chess victory, leave him alone on the streets in Rome without a map or time machine: he’ll will never be able to go back home!


(IT) Letizia L’Abbate

“You remind me of the sea” sang Daniele Silvestri (her favorite) some years ago. That’s Letizia, you see her and can’t think of anything else but Polignano a Mare’s sun, the inmense love for the colors of her land and good home-made food. But you can’t stop here, because behind that lovely girl’s face hide multiple personalities, at least two other than her. That is why her true name is Maria Letizia Lucia: so besides Letizia, the cheerful, vibrant and sunny one that everyone knows, there is also Maria, the timid, nice and always available one; but both have to succumb to Lucia, the one that if angry… better to stay away!
Exceptional Social Media Manager, she has worked in the gut of these platforms from the start: PA and Customer Service. Today she feeds conversations of any kind with succesful posts and tweets. This expert Pugliese soul doesn’t have patience to understand the meaning of your American coffee: Maria will try to justify you, Letizia will shudder, but Lucia will not talk to you again.


(IT) Alessandro Mancini

Originary from Rome, born by the feet of Romolo and Remo’s wolf, whenever he speaks, it’s that inevitable inflection from birth that will come out of his mouth.
Certainty and know how are essential when he confronts even the most annoying client, and a sharp irony that drains the drama out of every sitution. Before any important meeting he’ll take a moment for a ritual that consists of lots of hair spray in order to keep the creative tufts in check. And if the bathroom is busy for more than 10 minutes, he’s the one to blame: mirror mirror of the wall… Nice and courageous? Not at all. You’ll never find him alone in the office when the lights out: strange sounds will drive him away in an instant. He has a training in institutional communication and marketing and, actively, a thesis in which he designed an entire site for Santiago de Compostela. In Cultur-e he reinforces the web strategy and design area, moving from wireframes to strategic documents. If you invite him out for lunch, please order an amatriciana … but it has to be strictly gluten-free!


(IT) Elio Teodonio

Half man, half robot capable of holding a pen and a cellphone, anywhere! While on the train, using an old ladie’s back as an improvised table, or in a cafe while munching on his neighbor’s croissant. Bright minds, those that design the future of digital products after studying media, digital communication and journalism; Cultur-e’s young content manager has followed the footsteps of his older brother (and colleague) Luigi. What a pair that of the “Teodonios”, where it’s hard to distinguish the serious from the comedian.
A prickly irony, and sarcastic souls are in the family’s DNA. They will roast you endlessly, and you’ll only be able to stop it by knocking them out.
For a certain relaxation effect on Elio, just mention one of Federico Buffa’s sports journalist stories from the World Soccer Championships of the 1950s or ’30s. A nostalgic vintage and unsuspecting side, and a visceral passion for every type of sport you know the most secret rules, but you look good practicing!
He can handle every possible topic of conversation, from the latest technology to the different balayage hair techniques… wisdom which is lost to an apple! Not to be confused with the modern version of a long lost Adam. The problem is simpler: “How should I cut it?”


(IT) Laurence Steinman

Always on. Even when Laurence goes offline, he’s not really offline. In classic Anglo-Saxon style, he is always reachable. You can even call him when he’s underground, navigating the chaotic Roman metro system, or when he’s patiently waiting in a crowd of bustling, shouting mothers outside of Dylan’s school. At any rate, his emails always arrive before the predetermined deadline. Punctual, precise and meticulous, finding the right words – in almost every language – comes naturally for him. He composes ironic posts, an inquiries report and technical translations with the same serenity. He studied in schools throughout the world, knows five languages, but clearly we missed something because he graduated with a degree in Pre-Colombian Archeology and German. When he’s not working, he’s relaxing. When he’s not relaxing, he plays the sax tenor. When he’s not playing the sax, he appreciates a good feast. Once upon a time he played sport, then he quit because it was bad for his health. How can you recognize him?  By his unmistakable Yankee accent, obviously!


Assunta Stifano

A tempestuous glance with a sweet disposition, like any other creative talent. Birthplace: the green landscapes of Cilento, Alma Mater: Milano, home: Rome, aperitivo: Brera, for sure. Bottom line, Mozzarella di bufala (traditional meal from the South of Italy) and Osso buco (traditional meal from the North of Italy). It would seem rational to believe that she’s always this calm and collected, a hypothesis that can be backed up with her punctual and precise writing style; like a scalpel that digs into the flesh of a previously inanimate corporate world, that is suddenly magically resurrected. As her eyes are fixed on the window, left hand going through her hair, right hand filling the white pages of a notebook with pencil scribbles. That’s the general rule, except for Thursday… every week, from noon and for 10 minutes, it’s horoscope time. The silent Acquarius, shakes, agitatated, she spills out omens and stern warnings to colleagues around her. But don’t worry, she’ll go back to normal in a bit (fortunately!). Ingenious elegance, even in informal and monocrome t-shirts. In her free time, she devours books and Fregene styled fried fish. She is a pacifist, but don’t even think about making fun of her name: you’ll regret it! Final evaluation with triple A: Accuracy, Acuity, Assunta.


(IT) Luca Marciano

Still waters run deep. Those who met him during his student period hardly forgot this Neapolitan “parrot” with a certain “funny” air to him. A brilliant ironic mind that spares no one, Luca specializes in Web Analytics & Digital Marketing. True fan of the internet and raw data, he brings joy and laughter in his weekly visits to Cultur-e. As a digital nomad, he carefully chose a job that allows him to manage his time and resources, but if you bump into him on a break, don’t offer him a coffee that’s not worthy of his name: you will immediately wipe off his smile and optimism. Particularities? Saying he’s a Napoli Soccer fan is an understatement, if it’s true that “soccer is the last sacred representation of our times”, for Luca, Napoli is more than a passion, it’s an authentic and profound faith, and as such, it requires participation and recollection.


(IT) Vanessa Cervini

“From Alp to hoary Pyramid, from Manzanare to the Rhine, from Scylla to the Don, sure sign vivid lightnings …”. Vanessa can’t stay put, at least in one place, for a long time. She’s lived in almost every continent, moving from the US to England, from Canada to Argentina. As soon as she got to Cultur-e with her inseparable suitcase, her spanish accent invaded the office allowing suggestive thoughts to awaken all around, alla Belén Rodriguez. Half italian, half colombian, her roots have given birth to a kind of “bipolar” soul. On monday she starts her day listening to heavy metal melodies of Iron Maiden, while clicking on the “allign” button of her desktop at least once every two hours (mimicking the asymptotic precision of the most pedantic Milanese). On wednesday, her feet start moving under the table, following some rather exotic beats; and by friday she’s lost in the savage rythm of reggaeton! In her job, she’s the definition of versatile: writing articles in three different languages and managing Social Media channels -for big and small organizations- at the same time. A (surprising) detail? Geography is her Achiles’ heel.


(IT) Manuel Bertin

“The lone Friuli scout.” You couldn’t find a more accurate way to describe Manuel. Professional journalist, he cut his teeth between press offices, print, web, radio and tv. Today, he boasts a long experience in the environmental, social and energy sectors. Resourceful with steadfast determination, he tackles the journalism world head-on, wielding pen and prose as his weapons. His mission: to discover and unearth the mysteries of the oil industry, to grasp the secrets and revelations by engineers and geologists, and to learn about the energy world’s newest innovation. His “free” spirit has led to an innate aversion to excel files, rigid timelines, and anything that could slow down his solo trajectory in any way.  Manuel never forgets he is a journalist, and he embodies the key characteristics associated with the title: sharpness, meticulousness and capacity for analysis to name a few. He asks you “the question you least expect.” But, nothing is left to chance, of course: the result is the fruit of intense observation, similar to that of the scouts perched on the mountains of his Friuli hometown. This landscape has left its mark on both his physical appearance and spirit. Case in point: the rosy color of his beard and hair, fair skin, his impressive punctuality (regardless of whether it’s in person or for a call) his low propensity for matters of etiquette and useless chit chat. No time for pleasantries, he has another battle to prepare for.


(IT) Silvia Santoni

Sweet and decisive. Polite and resolute. Silvia’s two sides are engaged in a constant dialogue about how to handle Public Relations, an art form in which she reigns supreme and one that she does not renounce in her daily life. A journalist born in the trenches, she cut her teeth and showed her muscles rubbing elbows in the press agency world. Anyone is fair game when it comes to interviews, especially if questions are asked with her velvety voice. Ask her for advice, and she’ll open the Wikipedia pages of her heart and find the right cord to make your harp sing. However, if her weekend was not a success, limit yourself to a quick “Ciao Silvia” and keep your eyes your screen while you do so. Her passions? Crying at weddings, watching “pupone” Totti’s penalty shots, and the roar of a Formula One car. Other than that, she is dedicated to maintaining her figure – not an easy feat given the impossible gastronomic creations she prepares. If you sit next to her during lunch, ignore the yogurt with chocolate chips, risolat spread on Pandoro, butter on her popcorn. Because of her inherent sense of humor, any small fixation is easily demoted to second place. Examples?  She keeps a large bag of medication bigger than her suitcase. The same goes for the window in the office: open it on a beautiful winter’s day, and after 5 minutes, you’ll feel her icy glare at the center of your back.

Valentina Tonutti

Valentina Tonutti

Friuli runs thick in her blood and traditional scarpets on her feet: This is how Valentina got to Cultur-e from Udine, with heavy bangs that defy geometry and northern pragmatism balanced with a glass of bubbly. She studied International Science and Diplomacy, and works in reputation management and data analysis for Cultur-e. But she’s not only about that, she also enjoys the simple things in life: Insta-worthy people and landscapes. She’s always on the move but always stops for on-air Propaganda or a Bon Iver live. Add a San Daniele cheese tray and a Friulano glass and she’s done.

She’s also a black belt when it comes to memes, but don’t dare to ask her for a vegan snack: the answer will be “404 – Not found”and you’ll be instantly added on the blacklist.

Valentina Grieco

Valentina Grieco

There’s a list in our office titled “My torture” dedicated to her commuting tragedies. A daily odyssey on the mythic 19 bus that brings her from the Pigneto to the Cultur-e offices. Still, you’ll never catch her with a hair out of place. An artistic, creative genius inside in a mathematical mind; she can easily jump from web design to online conversation analysis. Avellino is her homeland and her passions include fashion and aesthetics. She just can’t let go when one of her colleagues fail to put together an outfit or mix colors that just don’t go together. And be sure, she will charge at you with irony.

Virtues and faults? She’s like a spring day: sunny in the morning, but before noon thick clouds start plaguing the sky, then it’s heavy rain until night comes. Never in that same order. A tip: Don’t leave her alone during the coffee break, because her OCD will kick in and the sugar package container will suffer the consequences.

Flaminia Insalaco

Flaminia Insalaco

Eyes of the bluest skies, and an open smile that never goes away… you’d think that Cultur-e’s secretary has a new testimonial!
But don’t be deceived, behind that sweet look there’s a woman that goes straight for the win, and you do not want to get in her way. Her Sicilian roots make her a stickler for accuracy, but on the other hand, her Roman heritage helps her adapt to whatever situation she’s in. This could be the reason behind a desk that looks like a perfectly organized Post-it puzzle, that only she can solve. Expert tamer of Excel files, when her office’s door is closed time seems to stop, making the outside world a mere memory. If something is not right, it’s a small anti-stress toy (knowingly gifted by her colleagues) that pays the price.
Don’t let her notice a bee’s presence when you’re around, or make her come to your picnic, she’s not exactly the “bare feet in the park” kind of person. If she was a film, she’d be Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
Avid snacker of Buitoni’s Crostoni, calorie-counting is a foreign concept for her, as in the evenings you’ll find her in the gym, dancing to choreographies that would make Luca Tommassini look like an amateur.

Peppe Croce

(IT) Peppe Croce

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Francesca Pinna

(IT) Francesca Pinna

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