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Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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Multichannel Strategy

A presence on the web or on social media is not sufficient to achieve on-line success. Your identity and project must be communicated at the right time, with the best language for the target audience and it must allow user involvement and interaction.

In order to obtain concrete results, we field a synergic and integrated approach with multichannel planning of the entire digital strategy: branding and content, SEO, social media and digital marketing strategies.

Our objective is to make your brand authoritative, give rise to lead generation dynamics and aim to convert users into loyal clients.

Brand Positioning

A brand is a story that describes individuals, actions and results. Its success depends on the quality of the story, on how it is narrated, on its visibility and on how it is perceived by the audience. Our web and social media projects are based on a rigorous positioning analysis to develop a digital branding strategy that will reinforce your brand and its values.

Communication Strategy

An integrated, multichannel communication strategy is fundamental to efficiently and correctly introduce oneself and develop relations with a target audience. It serves as a guide for both internal and external actions and define objectives, positioning, value horizon and a proposal – either commercial or institutional – for every channel and reference target.

Content Strategy

Content is key to the success of any brand, business or project. In order to achieve concrete results, a content strategy must provide quality content that is optimized for search engines and custom-tailored to targets and channels, providing an answer to user needs.

Engagement Strategy

In order to achieve success, a brand must promote more than its quality. It must also enter into contact and create bonds with its targets. How? Through an engagement strategy that involves individuals with content and initiatives and create relations, trust and a sense of community. The objective is to develop virtuous conversion dynamics.

SEO Strategy

An on-line website is not enough. It must also be visible to users, and a solid and sound SEO strategy is necessary to achieve this. The objective is to identify keywords that define a brand and on which to develop custom-tailored content for search engine placement.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing provides on-line visibility, develops ad hoc messages for personas and customer journeys, activates influential ambassadors and interacts with targets at the peak point. Moreover, it traces and monitors actions in real-time that allow us to evaluate strategy efficiency and optimize individual actions, if necessary.