Twenty years of Cultur-e

“Perché a vent’anni è tutto ancora intero, perché a vent’anni è tutto chi lo sa” Cultur-e is turning 20 and is still full of the same passion in its heart:...

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June 2018

Video tutorial: empowering Enel Energia’s campaigns

The first video made by Cultur-e for Enel Energia is online. A tutorial to support the commercial campaign “Bring your friends” that gives 25 € of bonus for every friend who signs a contract.

Full-color backgrounds and characters dashed in essential lines that move lightly, telling in a simple and effective way, the benefits of the promotion and how it can be activated, with a few steps explained in a clear and concise language, illustrated by symbols and icons.

Enel Energia thus inaugurates a new strategy of video content with the aim of supporting campaigns for the promotion of offers and word of mouth on the net.

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