Twenty years of Cultur-e

“Perché a vent’anni è tutto ancora intero, perché a vent’anni è tutto chi lo sa” Cultur-e is turning 20 and is still full of the same passion in its heart:...

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Nicoletta Labarile

Taralli and journalism: Nicoletta in two words. Puglia-born with a cosmopolitan soul and Roman heart, the young Cultur-e Content Manager may seem more complex than a vintage CMS, but she is as straight-forward as efficient copy. With a degree in “Media, Digital Communications and Journalism,” she is a journalist and radio speaker for Radio Sapienza. She has been writing incessantly, since her fourth-grade teacher asked her what she wanted to do as an adult. And Nicoletta told her it was none of her business.
Enthusiastic about politics, she gets all excited about running into Concita de Gregorio and promotes the empowerment of women with all her strength, even if she has just finished shopping before running off to the gym on 12 cm heels! Indeed, her days are frenetic. Between updating a portal and another, she also finds time to take a lunch break and work out! But don’t ask her to cook a meal for her colleagues, you’d find yourself with a salad and a gin tonic!