Cultur-e with AgID to support digital transformation

Cultur-e has won a tender issued by AgID – Agency for Digital Italy, to design the interface and the development of a platform whose objective will be to enhance the...

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Sara Moretto

“Sara or the struggles of a young Content Manager,” would be a fitting title for her biography. Bemoaning the cold north sun, she begins every working day in Rome sighing in front of her screen, typing furiously on her keyboard with wild creative abandon, every once in a frustrated “darn it” escapes her lips. Her productivity cannot be contained: when she’s not typing a mile a minute, she is constantly chatting at incessant and rapid pace, like that of river overflowing. For Sara managing any type of content from anywhere on earth is not an issue; skipping lunch is a tragedy. And now enter her second (and most important) role in the company: the self-proclaimed “Food Manager.” No menu has been overlooked, no order forgotten, no meatball has ever arrived late, since she took charge. She dreams of introducing happy hour to the company’s best practices and a CMS worthy of the name (Cocoa, Marshmallows and Strawberries).